Spotlight on … Air Rally Ace

Air Rally AceI started Air Rally Ace too late.  I had just gotten to know the DXGame Engine pretty well (a game library targetting VB6 + DirectX8) from having made Gem Raider, but the life of VB6 and the DirectX8-friendly version of Windows (that would be WinXP and earlier) were fading.  To finish it off, the developer behind DXGame decided to go in a different direction — so he sold the rights to the engine to another developer (who had a pretty cool baseball game that used the engine), and that pretty much sewed-up the end.

This lead me to set off learning some new technology (.Net languages & SlimDX), which someday I’m hoping to use to make some new computer games.  In the meantime, my board game designs have been occupying most of my game development attention.

But, before I put the project on indefinite hold, I got the “rally day” racing portion of “Air Rally Ace” ready for a Tech Demo.  This part of the game was intended to be the “bonus” levels, to be played in-between the more challenging parts of the game.  (The challenging parts were going to be about trouble you went through as you travelled from one rally day event to the next.)

Here are some in-game pictures … complete with captivating colored smoke!  (Click them to see big versions …) Continue reading

Spotlight on … Castle Danger

Castle Danger Board (4th Edition)Castle Danger is (so far) the most popular game I’ve published.  It was originally drawn on a whiteboard one evening before leaving work, and by the time I made it home after the long, slow commute, I had the main concepts worked out in my head.

Castle Danger Original PC Game ScreenI was much more into programming computer games at the time, so the first version of the computer game was started that night and completed within a week.  There were some gameplay walk-throughs with friends at work that week to finalize things … but the core parts of the game (board shape, piece types, portal use, etc.) have remained the same since.  (You can still download the PC game at the bottom of the Free Computer Games page.) Continue reading

Spotlight on … Keeps & Moats Chess

Keeps & Moats Chess ScreenshotThe game Keeps & Moats Chess is my example of the phrase “oldie but goodie”.  I came up with the idea for the game sometime in 2003 and released the PC game a few months later.  I am still getting contacted every few months about the game, and the free demo keeps a pretty consistent download traffic.  It does not use any special graphics or sound libraries (like DirectX), so it should work on most Windows machines found today (from Windows98SE all the way through Windows7). 

Like with a lot of abstract games, I’m not a very good chess player.  I’m way too impatient and aggressive and don’t have a natural ability to see the whole board and envision how things will play out a few turns into the future.  This was the initial basis for the design … Continue reading

Spotlight On … DareBase

DareBase (Early in a Game)I recently updated both the rules and the components for DareBase as I got the 2nd Edition ready for publication through

While the 2nd Edition has quite a different look from the original, it really has essentially the same component list (a board, 10 Player Markers and matching Power Markers, Flags and 3 dice).  It was the update to the rules that was the biggest change. Continue reading

FeedBurner RSS Subscriptions Added

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As I continue to get the site updated and fully functional, I just signed-up with FeedBurner today to improve handling of RSS Feed Subscriptions.

Now, in addition to registering as a site user and processing the raw RSS feed through your browser, you are able to use the FeedBurner links on the right to subscribe to the feed via your favorite reader and to receive the feed via e-mail.

I would really like to encourage anyone who might be interested in seeing what I’m up to with these game projects of mine to register in one way or another.

Spotlight On … Gem Raider

Gem Raider Screenshot (Black & Orange Baddies)

My most complete computer game to date is, without question, Gem Raider.  I had been working on one version or another of this design since I had started programming computer games.

In fact, one of the first games I coded for Windows (using VB3! in the mid-90s) was called “Skater”, and was a very early prototype of the design.  That one had moving enemy crafts, a very stuttery feel, and horrendous graphics.  I’m quite happy with how Gem Raider turned out.  As mentioned on its page, it’s my favorite of the games I’ve made so far (and my wife’s too).

Continue reading

Welcome to the new!


Matt Worden Games LogoThe new year has brought on a new focus and new approach to my games projects.

First step was giving my website a much-needed overhaul.  Instead of hand-coding things like I’ve done in the past, I’ve decided to make use of WordPress, a popular open source blogging system.  It has definitely made it quick & easy for me to apply the facelift to the site … and I expect it will continue to make it easy for me to keep things up-to-date.

So, keep an eye on this space.  Subscribe to the RSS feeds, post comments and give me feedback in whatever way works for you.

Now that the site has been updated … onto step #2 …