Giant Fire Breathing Robot, Dicey Curves and Jump Gate

Giant Fire Breathing Robot WebsiteGeekInsight — one of the contributors to the Giant Fire Breathing Robot website (“Geeks, Games & Gamma Rays” — sounds like a cool place to hang out) — has recently written reviews of both Dicey Curves and Jump Gate.

It started out as an update to an on-going series of posts about him introducing his wife to more and more new games … something he calls “Operation GamerWife”.  He gives a couple of brief intros to his thoughts on my 2 games in the midst of other games he played that same week. Continue reading

Father Geek is Giving My Stuff Away!!

Father Geek Seal of ApprovalOf course, he checked with me first … and I told him it was okay. 😉

Turns out he really liked both Jump Gate and Dicey Curves a lot, and so did his little geeks!  You can see how much by checking out the detailed reviews he had for those games (links: Jump Gate ReviewDicey Curves Review).

Also, he just recently awarded me his Father Geek “Seal of Approval”, which isn’t awarded out to just anyone … so, I feel very, very special! 🙂

So … most importantly, thanks to Father Geek, you now have a way (lots of ways, actually) to win a combo-pack that includes Jump Gate and Dicey Curves!!

Check out Father Geek’s “Jump Gate and Dicey Curves Game Bundle Giveaway” for how to win. The thing ends in about a week — November 7th — so, get your entries in today!

Space Mission (new version of “Jump Gate”) is at Essen!

Space Mission on Display at Essen FairSchmidt Spiele is showing off Space Mission — their re-working of Jump Gate — at the Essen Game Fair (“Speilfest”!).

It sure does look pretty!! 🙂

If you want to see a live demo of the game, via the BoardGameGeek’s live streaming coverage of the fair, it will be given my Thorsten Gimmler of Schmidt Spiele this Sunday, Oct. 23, around 10:30am (local Essen time).

(If you want to see a live demo of Jump Gate, invite me to your gaming group!! :))

Know a Game Store that Should Hear About Jump Gate?

MailboxI am in the process of putting together an old-fashioned (snail) mailing list of stores that sell board games … this would be everything from mall-based family-fun stores through the small “friend local game stores” (FLGS’s).

Primarily, I plan on sending out a mailer giving the stores information on my final direct-to-retailer sales on Jump Gate, Second Edition.

However, I would also use it to continue building relationships with those game stores as I bring Dicey Curves to a retailer-friendly edition, and make future games available for stores.

So … if you know of a game store near you that you want to make sure hears about Jump Gate and Dicey Curves, please either post their info in a comment on this post or send me an e-mail at

Dicey Curves Targeted to Retailers Soon

Dicey Curves - Mid-GameMy new “Rollin’ Dice & Racin’ Cars” party game, Dicey Curves, is currently only available on-demand via … and I plan to have it there in the TGC Shop for some time.

However, I am also looking at a way to re-package the game so that it can also be sold through traditional internet and FLGS game sellers as well.  I should have the details worked out some time in October.  Target MSRP will be the same $19.99 that the game is sold for at TGC.

Retailers who are interested, should e-mail me at

Help Pick the “Space Mission” Trailer Video

Space Mission

"Space Mission" from Schmidt Spiele

Schmidt Spiele is showing off 2 video trailers for the board game Space Mission, and holding a voting poll on their Facebook page asking users to pick the better of the videos.

This is their reworking of my game Jump Gate … with much better art and slightly less complex game play.  It will be available at the Essen games fair in October.
And they are giving away prizes!! — including a copy of the game — to some randomly selected from those who vote! Please take a look and vote for your favorite.

Production Slow Down at

TheGameCrafter.comIt appears that — the on-demand publisher of several of my games, including the brand new Dicey Curves — has been getting slammed with lots orders … and, in particular, a lot of larger orders.  This has slowed down their ability to get games made and shipped.  For details, direct from TGC, click here.

What this means to me and anyone who is looking to get one of my games from there, is that it will take longer than normal to get it.  Normally, I would receive an order in about a week … now it’s taking 2 to 3 weeks.  They are taking steps to improve their throughput … but it will be at least a month before that starts having an impact.

New Updates: Catching Up After Vacation

Paper Money Podcast - Episode #54A lot of news items popped-up while I was away at GenCon and then on our week-long camping trip.  What better way to catch up than a bunch of links to other sites? 😉

8/3 – Purple Pawn’s Paper Money Podcast, Episode #54 – The Wausau Daily Herald article about my game design hobby was mentioned in the latest Paper Money podcast.  Listen around the 12:15 mark … and to make it all super-shiny, they think “it’s not a loser game” — how’s that! 🙂

8/3 – Glowing Castle Danger Review – Follow designer, Grant Rodiek, apparently really, really likes Castle Danger.  And that makes me happy.  (Grant is the designer of the cool-looking — and very cool-named — game Farmaggedon.)

8/10 – Battlespace Magazine’s Feature on TGC – Battlespace (online) Magazine has a feature article on in the August/September 2011 issue, which includes a few mentions and a couple pictures of Jump Gate.  And, of something called “Warpgate” that looks very, very familiar … 🙁

8/12 – I am TGC’s first “Designer Profile”! – will be posting periodic profiles of the designers that use their services, and they were nice enough to put my profile up first.  Be sure to check back each week to see the other designers using TGC for their games.

8/14 – Dice Tower’s GenCon 2011 Overview – At about the 8:30 mark of the Dice Tower’s GenCon 2011 recap video, Tom Vasel mentions the booth for and gives some nice video shots of 4 of my games (in order): Dicey Curves, DareBase, Castle Danger, and Jump Gate.  While Tom mentions me by name, the one game he gives — Diggity — isn’t one of mine … it’s by Dave Dobson of Plankton Games.  I had it there on behalf of Dave because I like to play it with my kids, and he sent me a new copy to take along. 😉

Okay … that should catch me up for a day-or-so!

Now I’ll turn my attention to getting Dicey Curves launched … thinking next Monday if everything goes well.