Free Game: Crunch Time QB!

Crunch Time QB!Earlier this year, the Building the Game Podcast held a bit of an informal game design contest. The challenge was to design a dice-based game about American football that could be played with people hanging out in a sports bar.

My attempt at the challenged ended up with a light, fast-playing press-your-luck game called “Crunch Time QB!”

You can download the rules here: Crunch Time QB! (48)

You will need to supply your down dice (10D6) and method for tracking scores (pencil/paper work fine).

Enjoy! 🙂

Subtilla and Blaster Waves BOTH Make the 2014 GAMES Top 100 List


Subtilla, mid-gameI received word last week that this year’s GAMES Magazine Top 100 would contain 2 of my games! 🙂

Joining Jump Gate (2011 Game of the Year) and Dicey Curves (2013 Top 100 list), both Subtilla and Blaster Waves are on the 2014 GAMES Top 100 list!

Blaster Waves Setup to PlayYou can see them in’s annual list (click here … scroll to the bottom of that page).

This has me really excited, along with a couple more fun announcements coming up in the near future. Stay tuned!! 8)

Announcing: BLASTER WAVES (free print-and-play)

Blaster Waves

UPDATED: Added link to buy the POD version at TGC.

There’s a print-and-play game design challenge running at BGG right now.  They are looking for single-player games that can be (as you might guess) simply printed out on your home printer and enjoyed.

In response to the challenge, I came up with a fast-playing, simple little card game based on the old school space shooter video games from “way back in the day” … It’s called Blaster Waves, and you take on the role of a space fighter pilot defending the earth from waves of hostile aliens.

It’s currently only available in a “Standard Edition”, but I will soon have out a more colorful version (it will be called the “Toner Depleter Edition”) and by mid-August I expect to also have it available as another game from

So, click on the link below to download your own copy and give it a try.  (If you do play it, I would *really* appreciate some feedback on the Blaster Waves thread at BGG!!)

Link to “Castle Danger” Print-and-Play Edition Added

Castle Danger Print-and-Play Title GraphicTonight I added a link to the free “Castle Danger” Print-and-Play Edition that can be downloaded from the game’s page at

The download is free, and it provides everything you need to play the game.  Your only cost is the ink in your color printer to printout the game board and pieces, and the time it takes for you to cut out and fold the stand-up game pieces.

You can find more info about it on the Free Board & Cards Game Page.

“Galaxy Express” and “Siege by Number” Rules Added

Galaxy Express Game SetupI had almost forgotten about a couple of games that I had designed for the piecepack game system.

It had been a few years, but I stumbled on my rules for “Galaxy Express” tonight … and that caused me to hunt down “Siege by Number” too.  So, both of them have now been added to the Free Board & Card Games page.

The piecepack has quite a few games designed for it … and it’s a fun grouping of components to design for.  If you might be interested in a board-game version of a “standard deck of cards”, then piecepack is definitely worth a look.