Others’ Works: Terra Prime

Terra Prime CoverI’ve known Seth Jaffee for a number of years through our interactions at the Board Game Designers Forum (he goes by “sedjtroll” at BGDF).

A few years ago, Seth started posting and chatting about a game he was calling “Terra Prime” … which was a start on a space-based pick-up-and-delivery game with some adventure, exploration, discovery and — can’t forget to mention — hostile aliens.  Over those years, the game would come back up now and then, and I know he posted about it on his game design blog … but it seemed to fade from view until it popped up on Tasty Minstrel Game’s initial game offerings.

Now that the game’s been out for a few months, I thought I would send Seth an e-mail with a bit of Q&A about the design process that the game went through.  Here’s the way that exchange went … Continue reading