Packed and Ready for Con of the North 2012

Packed and Ready for CotN 2012Okay — the car is packed with my games and display items … and the suitcase … and some food & drink.

Only thing it still needs is my computer bag and me.  Looks like there’s plenty of room, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Very, very stoked to play some games with folks — especially one particular prototype I’m excited about.  And maybe I’ll even sell some games too.

Feel free to drop by the booth and say “hi”, and stick around to talk about or play some games!

I will post again once I’ve gotten things setup in my vendor space.

Prepping for the Con

Banners to be Used at Con of the North 2012I seem to be working on a dozen things at once during the times I have available to prep for Con of the North.

I’ve put together a set of banners (pictured to the left — click for a bigger view) that I plan to display in my space.  I’m still working on how they are going to be held up, but I think I have a good approach so far.

I’m working on getting my for-sale products ready: the Dicey Curves are all ready, about half the Jump Gates are ready and the other half will be done tomorrow, and the copies of Subtilla were shipped from on Monday and I expect them to arrive tomorrow (cutting it a bit close with that one).

As I mentioned in my earlier CotN post, I will be bringing a few copies of some games just to play, and those are all ready to go.

I’m also going to have 2 different prototypes for testing — the DANGER! Expansion for Dicey Curves, and a heavier “Waro” that I’ve been working on for a number of years.  I was originally hoping to have at least 2 more ready, but they just simply aren’t.

Feb. 2012 – Jump Gate geocache – A Finders/Keepers Thing [DONE]

Jump Gate geocache Box - Feb. 2012Updated: 8-Feb-2012 … Clue #2 added.

Updated again on 8-Feb-2012 … IT HAS BEEN FOUND!

As a promotion in the run up to the Con of the North this year — where I will have a vendor space in the main hall — I thought I would find a unique way to give away a copy of Jump Gate.

I have “misplaced” this copy of the game somewhere in Hennepin County, Minnesota.  It is outdoors, in a place with public access — not a private business or school or anything where you would be in trouble for being.  And you won’t have to put yourself in any danger (legal or physical) to find it.

Whoever finds it gets to keep it.  And I’ve added a note in the box with a request to have that person e-mail me to let me know they found it in exchange for receiving an additional gift.

I will give a new clue each day-or-so until it is found.

Well, it was found rather quickly … after just 2 clues!  Found by Ben Holle of Maple Grove.  He does a nice job explaining how he went about finding it on the BGG Forum Post about this promotion:

And, here were the clues …

  • 7-Feb-2012 … Clue #1: If A=1 and Z=26, then start at “DID”.  You won’t need to travel as far as the Dakotas, but you’re headed in the right direction.  When you are nearby the goal, you will see a Radisson.
  • 8-Feb-2012 … Clue #2: “It is outdoors, in a place with PUBLIC ACCESS” … I could give you 10,000 examples, but the elves would only give you one.  Radisson in clue #1 is not a hotel.

Planning for Con of the North 2012

"Jump Gate" Table at Con of the NorthI will be attending Con of the North for the second year in a row as a vendor, and I’m starting to get my plans together for what I’ll be doing there in my space.  The event runs mid-day Friday, February 17, through Sunday, February 19.  I plan to be there from Friday afternoon through early afternoon on Sunday.

Instead of just sitting behind the supplied table like I did last year, my plan is to push that table against the wall and add my own 2×4 foot table in a T or L shape.  The table against the wall will be used for product displays, signage, etc.  The smaller table will be used for game-playing and demoing.

Games I plan to have for sale:

  • Second Edition Box with the 7 spaceship cards available in the Friends & Family release

    Second Edition Box with the 7 spaceship cards available in the Friends & Family release

    Jump Gate – $20 for the Friends & Family release of my self-produced 2nd edition.  It has the extra spaceship artwork in it as well.

  • Dicey Curves – $15 for the base game in a green velvet bag.
  • Subtilla – $30 for the TGC-produced game.

Games I plan to be demoing at the table, in addition to the 3 for-sale games:

  • Space Mission – Schmidt Spiele’s European family-market take on Jump Gate.  It plays slightly differently due to the lack of the Black Hole and special actions, and the switch to fully-hidden resources.
  • Dicey Curves: DANGER! ExpansionI’ve written about this one a bit, and expect to have it out on before the end of the month.  I expect to give this one a number of turns on the demo table at CotN.
  • Top-Secret Prototypes and Older Games – I have a number of older games that I still like to take out for a spin now and then.  Most likely to see this would be Castle Danger, DareBase, and Siege by Number.  I also will have a few not-ready-for-primetime prototypes along with me, and may even get a chance to pull one or more of them out if there are interested folks around for that sort of thing.

There will be some help in the booth with me most of the time.  My wife, Britt, and daughter, Anna, will be taking up some shifts, and our good friend, Whitney Watts, who helped out last year should also be returning for some of the time.

I’m really looking forward to the event … please stop in and say hi! 🙂

Subtilla Has Launched!!

Subtilla Boxtop GraphicMy new 2-player game, Subtilla, is now available through!

Subtilla is head-to-head naval battle game for two players with subs, boats, torpedoes and two ways to win.  Direct your fleet to take down the enemy boats or capture their base!

Each player has a sub, five boats, and a base on his side of the board. A player wins by either destroying all five of the opponent’s boats, or by occupying both spaces of the opponent’s base at the end of the opponent’s turn.

Dice are rolled to determine the outcome of attacks by boats or torpedoes. The subs have special stealth, movement, and torpedo-launching rules.

I will be giving demos of the game at the Con of the North in February, and will have a few of them to sell there as well.

St. Boni Boutique Recap

Anna & Santa

Anna Makes a New Friend by Giving a Gift

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I signed-up to sell games at the “Unique Boutique” in St. Boni this past Saturday.  Outside of having done a smaller in-home boutique in our neighborhood a couple of weeks ago, the only other time I setup to sell games has been at gaming events, such as Con of the North.

I really enjoyed myself, met a lot of very nice people, had a great time hanging out with my daughter, and even sold a few games in the process.

One of the things that Anna and I were able to do, was to get a handful of games of Dicey Curves in. Continue reading

First Dicey Curves Expansion — DANGER! — in February

Dicey Curves DANGER! Expansion Card BackWhen I first launched Dicey Curves, I intended it to be the “base game” that could work as a light party-game style filler, highlighting the main dice-combo and movement mechanics.  There are 2 expansions planned to add-on to the game and make it more and more of a “gamers’ game”.

The first one will be out in February, in time for Con of the North, and will be called “DANGER!” (or, “The Danger Expansion”, or “Dicey Curves: Danger!”, or “Dangerous Curves” … pick your favorite nick name ;)).

It will add-in a new deck of “Danger” cards that will be a collection of track-modifiers, play-modifiers, “immediates”, damagers, and defenses.  It will also add-in the concepts of car damage (and ways to fix it) and side bets.

All-in-all, it will greatly increase the player interaction and reduce downtime when it’s not your turn. 🙂

Giant Fire Breathing Robot, Dicey Curves and Jump Gate

Giant Fire Breathing Robot WebsiteGeekInsight — one of the contributors to the Giant Fire Breathing Robot website (“Geeks, Games & Gamma Rays” — sounds like a cool place to hang out) — has recently written reviews of both Dicey Curves and Jump Gate.

It started out as an update to an on-going series of posts about him introducing his wife to more and more new games … something he calls “Operation GamerWife”.  He gives a couple of brief intros to his thoughts on my 2 games in the midst of other games he played that same week. Continue reading

Space Mission (new version of “Jump Gate”) is at Essen!

Space Mission on Display at Essen FairSchmidt Spiele is showing off Space Mission — their re-working of Jump Gate — at the Essen Game Fair (“Speilfest”!).

It sure does look pretty!! 🙂

If you want to see a live demo of the game, via the BoardGameGeek’s live streaming coverage of the fair, it will be given my Thorsten Gimmler of Schmidt Spiele this Sunday, Oct. 23, around 10:30am (local Essen time).

(If you want to see a live demo of Jump Gate, invite me to your gaming group!! :))

New Updates: Catching Up After Vacation

Paper Money Podcast - Episode #54A lot of news items popped-up while I was away at GenCon and then on our week-long camping trip.  What better way to catch up than a bunch of links to other sites? 😉

8/3 – Purple Pawn’s Paper Money Podcast, Episode #54 – The Wausau Daily Herald article about my game design hobby was mentioned in the latest Paper Money podcast.  Listen around the 12:15 mark … and to make it all super-shiny, they think “it’s not a loser game” — how’s that! 🙂

8/3 – Glowing Castle Danger Review – Follow designer, Grant Rodiek, apparently really, really likes Castle Danger.  And that makes me happy.  (Grant is the designer of the cool-looking — and very cool-named — game Farmaggedon.)

8/10 – Battlespace Magazine’s Feature on TGC – Battlespace (online) Magazine has a feature article on in the August/September 2011 issue, which includes a few mentions and a couple pictures of Jump Gate.  And, of something called “Warpgate” that looks very, very familiar … 🙁

8/12 – I am TGC’s first “Designer Profile”! – will be posting periodic profiles of the designers that use their services, and they were nice enough to put my profile up first.  Be sure to check back each week to see the other designers using TGC for their games.

8/14 – Dice Tower’s GenCon 2011 Overview – At about the 8:30 mark of the Dice Tower’s GenCon 2011 recap video, Tom Vasel mentions the booth for and gives some nice video shots of 4 of my games (in order): Dicey Curves, DareBase, Castle Danger, and Jump Gate.  While Tom mentions me by name, the one game he gives — Diggity — isn’t one of mine … it’s by Dave Dobson of Plankton Games.  I had it there on behalf of Dave because I like to play it with my kids, and he sent me a new copy to take along. 😉

Okay … that should catch me up for a day-or-so!

Now I’ll turn my attention to getting Dicey Curves launched … thinking next Monday if everything goes well.