Where Ya Been, Man?!

Side of a Funnel on the Disney Dream Cruise ShipThat is the question I would be asking if I had been following the posts on this site the past month-or-so … had all of this momentum on a number of different fronts, and then silence for almost two weeks.

The other questions I’d ask is: Where’s the DANGER! release announcement?

Well … I’ve been on vacation.  And this time I actually took a vacation during my vacation.  I actually did no work for my day job, and I didn’t do anything related to game design.  Which means the DANGER! rulesheet is still in-the-works.  (I *will* release by the end of March for sure though!) Continue reading

The Room was Finally Ready

Matt and his Dad

A few days ago, my dad told my mom and sister “I think the Lord is getting a room ready for me … but it’s not quite ready yet.”  Well, just before 1 p.m. today, it seems that the room was finally ready, as he calmly passed away.

It had been a long and hard journey over the years.  He had a major stroke almost 30 years ago, when I was an 8th-grader.  It was a surprise that he not only survived, but that he was able to learn to walk again and regained most of his vocabulary.  His sense of humor certainly returned.  He always loved it when the family got together — he never wanted to miss a party.

And since that point, several times he edged near death, but then returned in a flurish.  Heart bypass surgery, aeortal replacement surgery, and a major staff infection had the family gathering multiple times to mourn his loss … only to fall victim to his amazing ability to survive and recover.

However, his alzheimers continued to progress the past few years and he had another stroke-like event this past Easter.  He never returned home.  The Marywood Center was a wonderful place for him to be — I would recommend it to anyone needing nursing home and/or hospice care in the Wausau area.

From what I’m told, I’m happy that I never had to sit across the table from my dad during a negotiation session in his prime.  He was clever, a true wordsmith, tenacious and stubborn — those last 2 terms probably giving a clue as to his ability to survive all the tramatic health issues over the years.  What I knew was that dad was a caring father who worked hard to provide us kids with the best opportunities possible.

But now he’s resting, and no longer burdened with the health problems.  I’m curious what his new room looks like.

Walking Softly, Fighting with Grace

Mike with a TurkeyMy father-in-law, Mike Kersten, finished off his battle with cancer earlier tonight.  In the words of my wife: “He won.”

We are celebrating his life … a great example of someone who walked softly and fought with grace — especially over the past 18 months, since the cancer was diagnosed.

He is well-loved by many.  That might be all that needs to be said.

Thank you, Mike … couldn’t have asked for a better father-in-law.  And thank you, along with Margy, for raising Britt to be the amazing woman she is.

Now, rest.  The fight is over.