Dicey Curves to be Updated

Dicey CurvesSpurred on by the loss of the cool race car pawns at TheGameCrafter.com — they were discontinued by the manufacturer, and TGC is running out of stock now — I have decided to give a full updated to Dicey Curves.

Dicey Curve's Cars and Dice

Sad that these cool-looking race car pawns are now discontinued by the manufacturer.

I’m not overly thrilled with the only other car pawn available at TGC, but the site is perfect for everything else I want in the game. Plus, they’ve hinted that they will have a new type of car available soon — I’m hoping it’s a new type of cool race car. So, we’ll see how that goes.

In any case, this full update should include the following … Continue reading

FreeStarter Results

FreeStarter GroupLast week’s freestarter silliness on Twitter was a ton of fun for the four of us designers that put it on!

With it came some great results.  We gave away 8 games (2 sets of 4 games), posted “get to know us better” interviews, amped-up the (somewhat) witty banter between the 4 of us, and gained a number of new followers in the process.

The winners of the games were announced here: http://hyperbolegames.com/2013/05/24/freestarter-and-the-winners-are

The interview posts for each of us can be found here:

I hope everyone had a great time with this … we sure did.  Now see you all on Facebook or Twitter or at GenCon! 🙂

FreeStarter Game Design Community Group Hug Giveway

FreeStarter Game Design Community Group Hug Giveway

I’ve been chatting over past couple weeks with a couple of game design friends — namely Grant Rodiek from Hyperbole Games, AJ Porfirio from Van Ryder Games and Chevee Dodd — about how we all met through the online game design community, and that most of  us already have almost 1000 Twitter followers (Chevee is … special 😉 ).

FreeStarter GroupWe wanted to have some sort of event to celebrate this and share some of our games with those who are following us on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

So, we came up with the overly silly “FreeStarter Game Design Community Group Hug Giveway,” where each of us are giving away 2 games for two different drawings:

The Serious Gamer Drawing … The entrant who wins this will receive free copies of:

The Casual Gamer Drawing … The entrant who wins this will receive free copies of:

Entering the contest is easy. Follow these 2 Steps!

1. Follow each of us on Twitter:

2. Email Grant at grant@hyperbolegames.com. Tell him which drawing you wish to enter: Serious or Casual.

The drawing for both sets of games will take place on the morning of Friday, May 24th.  So , make sure you are registered before then!

If you are anti-Twitter for some reason, we can make that work out as well … we each have a website/mailing list and/or Facebook page as well as our Twitter accounts — we just want to spread the online connectedness love in one way or another.  So, if the Twitter thing seriously doesn’t work for you, send me a note and we’ll find a way to go you in.

FINALLY … for those of you that DO follow us on Twitter, you’ll be seeing links to discussions and other silliness as the week unfolds … please join in and help make things even merrier. 🙂

Dicey Curves Only Available for a Limited Time

Dicey Curves I just got word over the past few days that the supplier that TGC buys their “Sporty Car Pawns” from is discontinuing that part … which means that Dicey Curves (which uses 8 of those cute little cars) can only be sold as long at TGC still has stock remaining.

And, from some follow-up e-mails with TGC’s folks (they’ve provided some very good customer service to me on issue) I know that they don’t have large quantities of some of these cars … so, you’ll need to get ’em while you can.

CLICK HERE: To View Dicey Curves in the TGC Shop … after adding Dicey Curves to your cart, take a look around the shop a bit and add a few other cool games as well.

If you haven’t heard of Dicey Curves … it’s a casual, dice-based racing game where the track is made up from a deck of cards.  You try to form combos with your dice in order to move your car down the track.  There are “gates” on the curves that specify the size of the combo you need to form in order to continue on the track.  And there are a number of ways to control the dice in order to give some help when luck isn’t in your corner.  It plays 2 – 8 players in 30-60 minutes.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with the game once those pawns run out.  TGC’s other cars don’t really fit the look of a racing game, and probably wouldn’t fit very well onto the spots on the track cards either … so, I’ll need to get that figured out between now and then.

DANGER! Expansion for Dicey Curves Now Available

Dicey Curves DANGER! Expansion Card BackAfter months of delay and dozens (yes, dozens!) of dollars over budget, the “DANGER! Expansion” to Dicey Curves has finally been released, and is available for order via TheGameCrafter.com.

This first expansion upgrades the light, party-style dice-rolling car-racing game into an in-your-face take-that slug-fest of tactics and strategy. The expansion adds in damage tokens, some pawns and a new deck of Danger Cards. The new cards are used to modify the track, modify players’ dice rolls, and add/remove damage on cars.


So, hey … how ya been?

Matt Worden Games Logo

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here.  It’s summer time and everything seems to be going on at once.

I’ve been coaching my daughter’s travelling softball team, and working the day job.  I’ve spent a little time working on game stuff, but not enough.  And, there’s been a severe lack of camping and fishing so far.  But we are hoping to get that to change in July & August.

My game-related priority right now is to get the DANGER! Expansion for Dicey Curves finalized and published via TheGameCrafter.  I’ve sent my rules draft over to a few designer friends for review and got some very good feedback, which I need to incorporate.  So, yes — very, very close now.

My secondary game-related priority is to get copies of Subtilla out to reviewers so that people can get to know that one better.  And, my third priority has to do with getting a couple of my current prototypes ready for testing in front of other designers.

There are two up-coming games-related trips that I had put on my calendar for this summer:  Protospiel, a couple weeks from now in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and GenCon Indy, in the middle of August.  Not sure I have the funds or time to make both … so, I may skip Protospiel and use the time to go camping/fishing/canoeing with my family.  We’ll see how are plans go.

Also … I have a computer-based game project brewing … not exactly sure of the form that it’s going to take yet, but I’ve broken open my Visual Studio again for the first time in quite a while and I’m tinkering … so, let’s see what comes of that.

That’s all for now.

See My Big Shiny Head in the July 2012 Issue of GAMES Magazine

GAMES Magazine July 2012John J. McCallion, the boardgame-centric editor at large for GAMES Magazine, published an interview with me in the July 2012 issue of GAMES.  So, go out and buy a copy (if you aren’t already subscribed), turn to page 75 and look for my big, shiny, disembodied head floating in the middle of the page.

If you’ve read any of his boardgame reviews in the magazine, you know that Mr. McCallion has a way with words … especially an exceptional ability for packing great density of information into a very efficient wordcount.  So, one of the last things I sent to him during our back-and-forth series of e-mails (which was our method for conducting the interview) was that he should feel free to edit my words as needed to fit into the space he had available for the article.  He did that and I think he did a great job of coaxing my original intended meaning out of many fewer words than I originally provided him with.  However, this means that you may notice some phrasing or word choices that you wouldn’t normally hear from me.

Matt's Head

My Head: It floats!

I was quite happy that he was able to include my prompts for a few of my favorite game design related things … namely:

  • Board Game Designers Forum — www.bgdf.com — A very good online community of designers, from absolute beginners through industry vets.  Such a good resource to learn and to share.
  • The Game Crafter — www.TheGameCrafter.com — the publish-your-own-game specialists, where you can buy most of my games.  There is a special paragraph specifically dedicated to discussing the merits of TGC on page 76 of the interview.
  • Protospiel — www.protospiel.org — an annual designer get-together held in July in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  I’ve only attended once, in 2009, and I do plan to be there again this year.  Also, there are a number of these sorts of get-togethers throughout the year and all over the country … but my trip to Protospiel had such an enormously positive impact on my designing that it hold special importance for me.

This is quite an honor and exciting thing … please check it out and let me know what you think!

-Matt 🙂

Michael Fox Allows Me to Ramble On and On (Little Metal Dog Show)

Little Metal Dog Show's Jump Gate Ship

Oh, Michael! What has your dog been eating?!

Michael Fox of the Little Metal Dog Show — an always-interesting podcast about board gaming — recently interviewed me via Skype for the show.

That conversation is now part of the latest episode of the LMD Show!  And he lets me ramble on and on about things … for over 20 minutes! 🙂

I will suggest that you listen to the whole show, because he starts with a very interesting industry topic — board games getting develop for iPhones and iPads — and ends by interviewing Stephen Avery and Tom Vasel about a game they have in the works by the name of Capo.

However, if you really just want to hear *my* nasally monotones counter-point with Michael’s brilliant and lovely pear-shaped lilting, you can start around the 23:15 mark.  And, yes, I was serious about my part being over 20 minutes long … and that was after some skillful editing!

Enjoy, and let me know what you think!


Dicey Curves Reviewed in May Issue of GAMES

Dicey CurvesIf you don’t yet have the May issue of GAMES Magazine, then that is an easy thing to correct … just visit your favorite local bookstore or magazine rack and find a copy of it.  It’s usually tucked in around the Sudoku and crossword puzzle mags, since the majority of GAMES’ pages are fun mind-bending puzzles.

However, near the back of each issue, you can find nicely written game reviews, with Thomas L. McDonald handling the electronic games and John J. McCallion reviewing table top games.

You may remember that GAMES Magazine caused the latter part of 2010 to be quite exciting for me as they selected Jump Gate as their 2011 Traditional Game of the Year.

So, I’m pretty excited to see Dicey Curves get a review in their May issue.  It’s right there on page 72 … go ahead, give it a read and I’ll wait …

Not a whole lot of editorial in these reviews … mostly a straight-forward description of the game.  (The editorial/opinion writing is usually more evident in their end-of-the-year GAMES100 issue in December.)

I did, however, pull out a few happy words, such as “entertaining”.  There’s even a mention that the ability to subtly interfere with your opponents’ progress is “delightful, but not brutal.”  Well, the DANGER! Expansion — which, as I keep promising, will be out soon — will amp-up the “delightful” and completely remove the “not brutal”. 😉

Space Mission Nominated for Origins Award

Origins Award Nominee SealThe nominees for the various categories of Origins Awards were announced today.  Space Mission, Schmidt Spiele’s European take on Jump Gate, was named as one of the 5 final nominees for the “Best Family, Party or Children’s Game”!

I find it interesting that Family games, Party games and Children’s games are all smished together into a single category while the various RPG stuff is all broken out into separate categories … but I don’t know much about the history or evolution of how GAMA has conducted these awards.

I do know that we will need to wait until June 2nd for the winners in each category to be announced, at the awards ceremony hosted during the Origins Game Fair held in Columbus, Ohio. Continue reading