“Dicey Curves” Makes the BoardGameGeek News

Dicey CurvesW. Eric Martin, author of the BGG News, makes the folks reading “The Geek” aware that I will be demoing Dicey Curves at GenCon … and that it should be out in mid-August.

Not sure how dorky it is that I am posting about someone’s post about one of my posts from a day ago … but, well, yeah … here it is.

Still waiting on my shipment from TGC — should be here tomorrow … cannot wait to see how the track cards turned out!

“Dicey Curves” to be Shown Off at GenCon

Dicey Curve's Cars and Dice(so many puns about curves being shown that I’m *not* writing here …)

One of things that I am *very* excited to be able to do while I am at the TGC Booth at GenCon on Friday is to show off my next game: Dicey Curves!

I’m waiting anxiously for my first full prototype to arrive from TGC.  It just shipped yesterday, so it should be here on Friday or Saturday.  The last piece I need to finish up is the rule sheet … have a nice start, but need to get it finished.

I am expecting to release the game for sale via TheGameCrafter.com during mid-August … keep an eye out for it then!  And, if you’re at GenCon next Friday, find the TGC booth for a chance to try it out early!

Catch Me at GenCon Indy!

GenCon Indy 2011I will be in Indianapolis next Thursday and Friday (August 4th and 5th) attending GenCon Indy 2011 (“The Best Four Days in Gaming!”).

Thursday will be my day to wander around and see what there is to see, get the lay of the land, and hopefully run into some of my game designer/publisher friends to talk with.

On Friday, I will be at the booth with the guys from TheGameCrafter.com, showing off the games I have published through their site along with one of my kids favorites by Dave Dobson (“Diggity“), and giving demos of my soon-to-be-release Dicey CurvesLook for me there between 11am and 2pm.

Starting at 2, I will be part of a panel of designers talking about Protospiel — an annual game designer get-together in Michigan.  I attended a couple of summers ago (and had originally planned to go this past summer), and it was a thoroughly entertaining time and greatly beneficial to me as a designer.  So, I am happy to introduce others to what it is about, as well as get another chance to talk with great folks like the other designers on the panel.  From the information I have, this will be event SEM1120131, starting at 2pm on Friday, in the Marriott’s Santa Fe room.

I can’t wait to get there … if you will be attending, I’d love to hear from you.  See ya there!

Dicey Curves – “Combos”

Dicey CurvesDicey Curves is my new game due out August 2011 via TheGameCrafter.com.  It is a dice-driven car racing game, where the track is constructed from a deck of cards.

The game has players trying to put together “combos” in order to move their cars from spot-to-spot on the track and to get past the combo gateways in the curves.  A combo is any combination of dice that are of the same value, or are in-a-row (such as a 1-2-3 straight).  The combo types are named after the number of dice used to make up the combo — “singles” are individual dice that are not combined with any other dice; “doubles” are any 2-dice combo; “triples” are 3-dice combos; “quads” are 4-dice combos; and “pentas” are 5-dice combos.

On straight-aways, players can only play a single combo to move their cars forward the number of spots equal to the number of dice in the combo.  So, making a “triple” will let you move your car forward 3 spots.  In the corners, players need to make a combo equal to the number shown on the gateway marker (such as a 5-dice combo — a “penta” — needed for the Dice Curves card shown above).

It might seem difficult to get a 5-dice combo when rolling just 5 dice … but the “exploding dice” (ability to add up to 5 more dice) and some of the actions available through the control chips (“add-a-die”, and “reroll dice”, for example) gives players a chance to coax the dice into the combos needed.

Dicey Curves Preview

Dicey CurvesTarget Release: August 2011

The game I am currently working on is a car racing game called Dicey Curves.

It uses a combination of Yahtzee-like dice combinations and “exploding dice”, where 6’s allow the player to add another die into their roll.  To soften the luck factor that always accompanies dice-rolling games, control chips allow players to reroll dice, add-in additional dice, switch positions between cars, and even control other players’ cars.

For the most part, the players use their dice combos to simply move their cars spot-by-spot down the track.  However, the curves require certain combinations for the player to get past the blocking gateways (shown as yellow rectangles with a black circle and number inside).  The trickiest of all are the “Dicey Curves”, which serve as both a bottle neck on the track and require a 5-dice combination to make it through.  Lots of position-jockeying occurs here. Continue reading