Jump Gate: Updated Resource Cards

Jump Gate Resources Card BackI just posted yesterday with my latest updates to the faces for the NavComp cards for Jump Gate.  In fact, I’ve even tweaked those a bit to add a little extra computer-ish flavor text — something to fill in some empty space on the UI without being a distraction.

Since then, however, I’ve stayed busy in Photoshop and redid the faces for the Resources cards as well. Continue reading

Jump Gate: Updated NavComp Cards

Jump Gate NavComp Card Back

Jump Gate NavComp Card Back

In my original post for the updated website, I ended by saying “onto step #2”.  Step #2 is to return to making progress on my current game projects.

Jump Gate is my current board game design that is getting close to completion.  I just have to redesign the insides of both types of cards, clean-up the rules, finalize how it will all go together as a sellable product and launch it.

I made progress today on the design of the inside of the NavComp Cards.  Continue reading

“Galaxy Express” and “Siege by Number” Rules Added

Galaxy Express Game SetupI had almost forgotten about a couple of games that I had designed for the piecepack game system.

It had been a few years, but I stumbled on my rules for “Galaxy Express” tonight … and that caused me to hunt down “Siege by Number” too.  So, both of them have now been added to the Free Board & Card Games page.

The piecepack has quite a few games designed for it … and it’s a fun grouping of components to design for.  If you might be interested in a board-game version of a “standard deck of cards”, then piecepack is definitely worth a look.

Welcome to the new MWGames.com!


Matt Worden Games LogoThe new year has brought on a new focus and new approach to my games projects.

First step was giving my website a much-needed overhaul.  Instead of hand-coding things like I’ve done in the past, I’ve decided to make use of WordPress, a popular open source blogging system.  It has definitely made it quick & easy for me to apply the facelift to the site … and I expect it will continue to make it easy for me to keep things up-to-date.

So, keep an eye on this space.  Subscribe to the RSS feeds, post comments and give me feedback in whatever way works for you.

Now that the site has been updated … onto step #2 …