The Three Main Things for 2015

Three Main Projects in 2015Things are about to kickoff in a big way next week with the Kickstarter launch of my game Aether Magic by publisher Happy Mitten Games. Once that gets rolling, I’m sure you’ll see plenty of posts from me on Facebook and Twitter (and here at the website) about that. But I’ll also continue to post things related to my other games … and things may overlap.

So, I thought it would be good to have this post clearly point out the “big 3” for me this year.

1. AETHER MAGIC KICKSTARTER (February) Assuming everything continues happening on-schedule, the Happy Mitten team should launch Aether Magic on Kickstarter on February 10th. (I’ll have a link here once it’s ready.)

Aether Magic Artwork ExampleIf you haven’t heard of it before, it’s a fantasy-themed auction and set collection game for 3-6 players that plays in about 45 minutes. Players are mages summoning aether from a portal, making trades to gain more resources, and casting spells to earn points. It has a unique social-focused auction mechanic and cool effects-chaining during spell casting. The artwork, by Jacqui Davis, is fantastic!

2. TALES OF DANGER #1: DAYS of DISCOVERY KICKSTARTER (April) Following rather closely on the heals of Happy Mitten’s project, I plan to launch my own Kickstarter project in order to fund the artwork and printing of the first game in my recently-announced Tales of Danger series.

Queen Isabel of Portugal in 1290This first game — Days of Discovery — is a hand-management, resource-management, and path-building game for 1 to 5 players that should play in 30-60 minutes. It starts out in the year 1290, in Portugal, with players trying to gain sponsorship from King Dinis, Queen Isabel, or another important figure, in order to undertake a voyage to find the secret land.

3. JUMP GATE – SILVERLINE EDITION KICKSTARTER (Fall/Winter) In order to get a full line of Jump Gate related games kicked off, I’m going to need to reboot the original game in a high-quality edition, which I’ll be calling the “Silverline” edition. I expect to have a Kickstarter project for this later in the year to fund the artwork and printing. I’m not exactly sure when it will happen, yet, as I’ll need to time things based on how the Tales of Danger project goes. But, expect top-notch artwork, an enhanced storyline, and additional gameplay.

So, while those are the primary 3 things I will be focused on promoting and communicating about, I’ll still be working on some new things — just a little more behind the scenes. That includes getting a couple more games signed with other publishers as well as testing out future games in the Land of Danger and Jump Gate product lines that I will be targeting for 2016/2017 releases.

In the meantime — plenty to keep me busy with in 2015! 🙂

First Look at Raimundo Peres da Costa, and the New Land of Danger Logo

Portrait Illustration of Raimundo Peres da Costa, discoverer of the Land of Danger

Portrait Illustration of Raimundo Peres da Costa, discoverer of the Land of Danger

It’s exiting to see new artwork roll-in on the Land of Danger background story, and planning out how the first Tales of Danger game will look.

To the left, you will see the portrait of Raimundo Peres da Costa, who discovered the Land of Danger in 1293. By next week, I’m hoping to be able to show you a portrait of Queen Isabel of Portugal who secretly sponsored his voyage.

These background story illustrations are being done by Kristijan Hranisavljević, who is a commercial illustrator/animator from Serbia.

I’ve also started working with Chevee Dodd to update the look-and-feel of the Land of Danger line. He’s signed-up to work as the graphic designer on Tales of Danger #1.

Before that, though, I’ve asked him to help me work out a style guide and basic imaging, font selection, colors, etc., for everything that is made under the “Land of Danger” banner. And with that comes a brand new logo for this line of games …

Land of Danger LogoIf you click over to the theme overview page, linked above, you’ll see that I’m already working these into the website pages.

Next up for Chevee: Logo, icons and card layout graphics for Tales of Danger #1 … I can’t wait to show those off when they start coming through! 🙂

Getting a Little More Formal

Matt Worden Games Logo - 2013As I take some very purposeful steps to ramp-up the Matt Worden Games, LLC, operation, it means that I will be getting more formal here on the website.

For example, I’m sending out my first “real” press release today about the new Tales of Danger series of games and its first title, Days of Discovery. I find it odd to write such a thing in third person, including a quote of me within it … but that’s how those things work. You can read it here: Press Release - "Tales of Danger" Game Series (141)

You should expect the postings here to be more focused on the existing games that are available for sale and on the new games coming in the near future. I will also still include info on other designers and projects that I am keeping tabs on as well as some of the “talking shop” type posts. But, you’ll see less of the many side projects and other whims that are striking my fancy on a daily basis.

Of course, if you like to follow the full width of my current thoughts, the best bet will be to follow me on Twitter, and keep an eye on my Facebook page. It’s just that things on this website and blog should skew toward being more formal as we move into 2015.

Officially Introducing the “Tales of Danger” Game Series

Portuguese Carracks off a Rocky CoastI’m very excited to officially announce a new 7-game series  — Tales of Danger — that I will publishing over the next few years, as well as announce the first game in that series — Tales of Danger #1: Days of Discovery.

This Tales of Danger series of games will follow along the historic timeline of the Land of Danger that I posted about earlier this week. The first game will focus on the effort it took to make an ocean voyage from Europe in the late 1200s to first discover the land.

Check out the linked pages above for all of the details, taking special note of the list of shared qualities that all 7 games in the series plan to have (at the bottom of the Tales of Danger page).

On Monday, I’ll be sending out the official press release to news sites, reviewers, podcasts, etc., and posting the news in the forums at BGG … but I wanted to mention it here first. 🙂

Update 2014-Dec-15: Here’s the press release … Press Release - "Tales of Danger" Game Series (141)

Land of Danger: Background History

Land of DangerAs I’ve been hinting at for a while, the background history and theme overview of the Land of Danger has now been updated. Very soon, there will be a few more games available under this theme in addition to Castle Danger.

And, as I continue finishing off the “clearing the table” steps I mentioned in an earlier post, I am getting the rules to King of Danger publish-ready, and it’ll be available again as a print-and-play and as POD product on (I’ll also have some Jump Gate related news in the next few weeks as part of this “cleaning” process as well.)

But, back to the Land of Danger … the thing I find the most exciting about all of this is the new game that is listed at the bottom of the theme overview page.

More about that in a couple days! 🙂

via Hyperbole Games: Tabletop Gaming Folks 2014 In Review

Merry Christmas from Matt Worden Games

Merry Christmas from Matt Worden Games

Grant Rodiek at Hyperbole Games (whose blog I link to nearly each month) has collected community-sourced 2014-in-review blurbs from quite a few tabletop game designers and publishers.

CLICK HERE to read the one where my blurb was included! In it, I mention things like leukemia, Dicey Curves, Aether Magic, and punching pumas … you should go over there and read it now! 😉

And, if your blurb isn’t already included there, feel free to chime-in via the comments at his site.

Focus 2015: Return to non-POD Games Publishing

Archery Illustration from Pearson Scott Foresman via Wikimedia Commons

{tl;dr – skip down to the 3rd-to-the-last paragraph for the announcement}

In the distant, distant way-back past (around 2010), I self-published the Second Edition of Jump Gate after the POD-produced 1st Edition was named the “2011 Traditional Game of the Year” by GAMES Magazine.

I wanted to get it “out there” as quickly as possible after the award was announced, and so — looking back now — I did just about everything the hard way. Here’s a quick-hit list of a few of the many things I did wrong: Continue reading

New “Sand” Cards PnP for Jump Gate, 1st & 2nd Editions

"Sand" Resource Card in 1st/2nd Edition FormatEvery now and then, I hear from someone that has a 1st or 2nd Edition copy of Jump Gate and takes issue with the “Nothing” Resource cards.

Jump Gate "Nothing" Card ExampleOriginally, they were in there to make it something of a risk when scanning new resources — you may not find anything there. Plus, it allowed for a little bit of thematic flavor text humor … some might say “very little!” 😉 However, I understand how it can leave a bad taste in your mouth when you get absolutely nothing from a scan.

So, in order to give 1st & 2nd Edition players a new option, I’ve taken the “Sand” resource cards from the 3rd Edition and put them into 1st/2nd Edition format. Using the PDF (linked below), you can put all 48 Resource cards into sleeves and print-and-cut these 12 Sand cards to put in front of each of the Nothing cards.

Here’s the PDF: Jump Gate, Sand Resource Cards, for 1st or 2nd Edition (29)

Holiday Buying Guide for MWGames – 2014

Merry Christmas 2013 from Matt Worden Games

Order by December 3 to get it by Christmas!

Currently, I sell the majority of my games through … here is the link to the games I have available there: (For an explanation of what print-on-demand games is about, and why I use it, click here.)

In a recent news announcement, TGC has stated that in order to get games in time for Christmas, you’ll want to order them by the end of November. (Technically, they say December 3rd is their suggested deadline, but I think that may be pushing it this year as they get really, really busy in the run-up to Christmas.) With that said, if you are considering buying any of my games for friends and family this year, here are my recommendations … Continue reading

Solo Flight through the Jump Gate

Jump GateAs I mentioned a few weeks back, in my post about solitaire games, I’ve been working on single player rules for Jump Gate. They are ready to share to a limited audience, so I put out a call to members of BGG’s 1-player Guild to do some focused testing on these rules.

Once I get their feedback and improve my rules doc, I’ll post things here for other owners of Jump Gate to give it a try.

In the meantime, think about what you’d like a solo-play of Jump Gate to be like. Drop a comment here or on Twitter or Facebook and let me know your thoughts! 🙂