Reminder: St. Boni Holiday Boutique Tomorrow

St. Boni Unique Holiday Boutique 2011Just wanted to take a quick minute and remind everyone that I will be at the St. Boni Unique Holiday Boutique, from 9am to 3pm tomorrow, selling Jump Gate and Dicey Curves.

There’s a good chance my lovely daughter will be there with me for at least part of the time.

And there’s 40-some other vendors there as well … come get your holiday shopping done!

Selling Jump Gate in St. Boni on Saturday

St. Boni Unique Holiday Boutique 2011This Saturday (December 3, 2011), from 9am until 3pm, I will be selling Jump Gate as a vendor at the St. Boni Unique Holiday Boutique, located at the Choice School in St. Bonifacius.  {click the image to the left for a big version of the flyer}

For those needing specific directions, it’s located at 8101 Wildwood Avenue, St. Bonifacius, MN.

This will be the second time I’m selling at a holiday boutique this year.  It’s always a good time and fun to see the other vendors and their wares.

I’d love to have board gamers show up, even if it’s just to say “hi” during a pause in finalizing your gift list from the 40-some other vendors on display.

Of course, if you were interested in a copy of Jump Gate, I’ll be selling the “Friends & Family” release of the 2nd edition, which contains the extra spaceship art.  And, if you’d like me to, I’d be happy to personalize a copy with a message inside the box for whoever you’re getting the game for.

As an extra little at-the-event bonus, I’ll also have some copies of Dicey Curves available and I’ll be able to show off a copy of Space Mission (although that one’s not for sale). 😉

Father Geek is Giving My Stuff Away!!

Father Geek Seal of ApprovalOf course, he checked with me first … and I told him it was okay. 😉

Turns out he really liked both Jump Gate and Dicey Curves a lot, and so did his little geeks!  You can see how much by checking out the detailed reviews he had for those games (links: Jump Gate ReviewDicey Curves Review).

Also, he just recently awarded me his Father Geek “Seal of Approval”, which isn’t awarded out to just anyone … so, I feel very, very special! 🙂

So … most importantly, thanks to Father Geek, you now have a way (lots of ways, actually) to win a combo-pack that includes Jump Gate and Dicey Curves!!

Check out Father Geek’s “Jump Gate and Dicey Curves Game Bundle Giveaway” for how to win. The thing ends in about a week — November 7th — so, get your entries in today!

Space Mission (new version of “Jump Gate”) is at Essen!

Space Mission on Display at Essen FairSchmidt Spiele is showing off Space Mission — their re-working of Jump Gate — at the Essen Game Fair (“Speilfest”!).

It sure does look pretty!! 🙂

If you want to see a live demo of the game, via the BoardGameGeek’s live streaming coverage of the fair, it will be given my Thorsten Gimmler of Schmidt Spiele this Sunday, Oct. 23, around 10:30am (local Essen time).

(If you want to see a live demo of Jump Gate, invite me to your gaming group!! :))

Help Pick the “Space Mission” Trailer Video

Space Mission

"Space Mission" from Schmidt Spiele

Schmidt Spiele is showing off 2 video trailers for the board game Space Mission, and holding a voting poll on their Facebook page asking users to pick the better of the videos.

This is their reworking of my game Jump Gate … with much better art and slightly less complex game play.  It will be available at the Essen games fair in October.
And they are giving away prizes!! — including a copy of the game — to some randomly selected from those who vote! Please take a look and vote for your favorite.

Follow Me on Twitter for a Chance to Win a Copy of Jump Gate!

MattWordenGames on TwitterAs I mentioned a few days ago, I finally signed-up for twitter, and I plan to use it as a primary info channel for my games stuff.  And … I would like to add as many followers as possible, as quickly as possible.

Box top artwork for 2nd Edition of "Jump Gate"So, for all of the people who have already signed-up to follow me on Twitter, and for everyone who joins in the fun during the month of August, I will do a random drawing and send one lucky follower a FREE copy of Jump Gate.  It will be the “Friends & Family” release of the 2nd Edition, and will likely have a personal note in the cover of the box.

Ship Cards for Player Markers in the "Friends & Family" Release

The extra capital ship artwork is included.

If you aren’t following me yet, please do so … and encourage all of your friends and followers to do the same.  You may get your own unique copy of Jump Gate!

UPDATE: The game was won by “@benny275”!