Jump Gate Lands on Dice-Hate-Me’s Crowded Table

Dice Hate Me Games“Dice Hate Me” has put together a neat little article with quick blurbs about games that have been making it onto his extremely crowded game table.

There are some really cool games mentioned there, including Seth Jaffee’s well-received deck-builder, Eminent Domain.

But, I was very happy to see that the list also included Jump Gate.  He has some very nice things to say about it … so, go read the whole article.

Others’ Works: Pocket Civ

Pocket CivScott Slomiany is another Board Game Designers Forum regular (he posts there as doho123) that I’ve known for a while.  I always enjoy seeing what he submits to that site’s Game Design Showdowns, and read his “MeepleSpeak” blog regularly.

He is the designer behind Pocket Civ, a viral print-and-play hit.  The player response to this game has been quite cool, and I wanted to ask him some questions about what went into designing it.

Here’s the Q&A … Continue reading

Fellow Designer: Greg Lam of Pair-of-Dice Games

Greg Lam from Pair-of-Dice Games  

Greg Lam is another designer that I first bumped into in the Board Game Designers Forum web community (he posts there as “slam“).  He’s from Boston and self-publishes his games via his company, Pair-of-Dice Games.  

Pair-of-Dice GamesHe co-founded the company with a couple of friends in 2001 and has run it independently since 2004.  While their first hits were Knockabout and Warp 6, my eye was drawn to the game called Chopstick Dexterity MegaChallenge 3000 (it really is as fun as it look).  I was able to play a few games of that at last year’s Protospiel get-together, where I also played a game of Greg’s Rock, Scissors, Paper (not the traditional hand-gesture game) and watched people play Restaurant Row.  

The BoardGameGeek page for Pair-of-Dice does a nice job summarizing the published games and history for the company, along with a link to a very interesting list where Greg has written up the details behind each of the games.  So, instead of rehashing the things you can find there, I wanted to find out a bit more about how Greg goes about designing games and what his influences are. Continue reading

Fellow Designers: Scott Starkey & Carl Klutzke of Dogtown Games

Dogtown GamesWhen preparing for my last “Fellow Designers” post about David Whitcher, I asked David who he thought would be good designers to put on my list to interview … he pointed me to Scott & Carl of Dogtown Games.

The Mother Lode of Sticky GulchI first became aware of Scott Starkey in the early days at the Board Game Designers Forum (probably 3 or 4 different wiki software changes ago for that site) as a smart designer who also was a good artist.  He was just releasing “The Mother Lode of Sticky Gulch” at that time.

I met Carl Klutzke for the first time at last year’s Protospiel in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  I was impressed with the clarity and directness of StoryCardsCarl’s feedback on the designs during that get-together.  And I had a very good time dying very quickly in a futuristic group robot-piloting game.  (Beware the vermin — they will destory your machinery!)  Carl’s “StoryCards” is the other main product available from Dogtown.

I sent Scott & Carl a list of the same questions via e-mail and received responses from each of them.  Here is how that exchange turned out … Continue reading

Others’ Works: Terra Prime

Terra Prime CoverI’ve known Seth Jaffee for a number of years through our interactions at the Board Game Designers Forum (he goes by “sedjtroll” at BGDF).

A few years ago, Seth started posting and chatting about a game he was calling “Terra Prime” … which was a start on a space-based pick-up-and-delivery game with some adventure, exploration, discovery and — can’t forget to mention — hostile aliens.  Over those years, the game would come back up now and then, and I know he posted about it on his game design blog … but it seemed to fade from view until it popped up on Tasty Minstrel Game’s initial game offerings.

Now that the game’s been out for a few months, I thought I would send Seth an e-mail with a bit of Q&A about the design process that the game went through.  Here’s the way that exchange went … Continue reading

Fellow Desinger: David Whitcher

David WhitcherMy first “Fellow Designer” post is about David Whitcher, the Ann Arbor, Michigan-based designer behind PyroMyth Games.

PyroMyth Games LogoI’ve known David over the internet for at least a decade, but only finally met him face-to-face at last summer’s Protospiel in Ann Arbor.

Once I had my website updated and planned on running a series of posts about other indy board game designers and computer game developers, it seemed an easy thing to start with David … and I e-mailed him a bit of a Q&A. Continue reading