2013 Reflections and a Holiday Pause

Merry Christmas 2013 from Matt Worden Games

It’s time for me to put the game operations on pause until after the New Year. I’ll likely still be on Twitter and Facebook during the next couple of weeks, but I don’t plan on doing much with moving my game designs forward, or posting about things until we’re into 2014.

So, it seems like a perfect time to look back at the fun and excitement that’s been had over the past year, and to mention a few things that I see coming up in the near future.

Let’s start with a walk through the 2013 calendar. Continue reading

I’ve Signed with Happy Mitten Games

Happy Mitten GamesAfter handing my “For Goods and Honor” prototype to Jeff Large with Happy Mitten Games during GenCon back in August, the past couple months have been a fun an interesting series of e-mails and Skype sessions.

The result has been a contract with HMG to publish the game, although it’ll likely have a new title and theme — we’re still working all of that out.

As part of the announcement, Jeff, Lee & Kyle interviewed me on their latest podcast. You can listen to us here: Happy Mitten Podcast, Ep. 16

What I’m Bringing to GenCon Indy 2013

Jump Gate, 3rd Edition, Box in Shrinkwrap from TheGameCrafter.comWell, this is the “Go!” week for GenCon Indy 2013, and I am totally pumped!

I will be bringing 5 different prototypes with me, in addition to my shiny new copy of Jump Gate, 3rd Edition.  If you bump into me (I’ll be posting my schedule tomorrow), please be sure to show me the games you have (if you’re a designer), offer to play anything you’ve got on you that you’re excited about, or ask to play one of these mentioned in this post.

Here are the 5 prototypes I’ll have on me: (If you are a publisher and are interested in trying any of these out, please e-mail me or catch me on Twitter.) Continue reading

Back At It!! (summer 2013 edition)

Jump Gate, 3rd EditionSo it’s been a few weeks … errrr, a month. 😉

Summer always gets me overly busy into fun things that aren’t necessarily game related.  So, I’ve been off doing that sort of thing over the past month — camping, canoeing, hanging out with the family, mowing, weeding, grilling, visiting family and friends, etc.

Bedroom TV Cabinet, Top OpenI even picked up a new thing: woodworking!  During June, I built my first piece of supposed-to-look-good-furniture, pictured to the right.  It’s a TV & linen cabinet for the corner of our bedroom, made to match the new bedroom set we recently bought as a 20th wedding anniversary present to each other.  My wife did the cool stain & poly work.  I also have to give thanks to Chevee Dodd, who turns out to be an experienced woodworker and general fix-it guy … lots of good advice from him.  Also, from the folks at the lumber yard in Mayer … good folks there, and good lumber too. 😉

But, I’m guessing that if you’re reading this site, you probably don’t care that much about my camping and woodworking exploits … you’d really rather have me talking about games.  So, here goes … Continue reading

For Goods and Honor: First (very) Rough Draft of Rules

Bits from "For Goods and Honor"

In order to be ready for Protospiel-Milwaukee, I wanted to have written rules for each of the designs I will be bringing along to test.

"For Goods and Honor" ... Folks in a Bag

Folks in a Bag

This morning, I was able to get a first, rough (rough!), text-only draft of the rules for For Goods and Honor ready.  Not sure I’ll do much more with these until after this weekend testing … they could really use some pretty pictures and some game play examples in them.  But they should be good enough to let us play the game and see how things work.

If you’re curious, you can download and read the PDF: For Goods and Honor (99)

Thanks for checking it out, and feel free to send me any feedback or questions you might have.

And, just for candy, here are a couple more pictures:

"For Goods and Honor" ... Setup for a Game  "For Goods and Honor" ... Player Mats in Play


Another New Game Design: For Goods and Honor

Example worker tokens from "For Goods and Honor" PrototypeThe other new design that I have started to work on in order to test at Protospiel-Milwaukee is something I started a number of years ago called “For Goods and Honor.”

It’s an odd game that I’m not exactly sure how to give a short description for.  It has chit pulling, bidding/negotiation, worker placement, and something (that I think is) novel where you are forced to give something of value to another player.  You’re likely to gain something valuable for you from the transaction though, so it’s all good, hopefully.

The game story starts like this …

“Goodferd Valley is peopled with kind, productive folk that value a good day’s work and a helping hand from a friend. The valley’s elders look for the best way to put people to work in order to produce the most goods while gaining the most honor from their peers. They also strive to keep their people safe from the evil Nastigans who live over the ridge.”

The main gameplay is that you draw 2 worker tokens (as pictured above and to the left) from a bag … you get to keep one, and you have to give one away.  Meanwhile, players get to offer honor chips, goods, and workers in trade for someone giving them a particular type of worker using this “offers” board:

"Offers" board from "For Goods and Honor" prototype

The “Negotiable” space allows players to put some things that they can add to any of the other spaces at the point-in-time when another player is offering up a worker that player wants.  Then, when it’s your turn, you gain goods based on how you’ve assigned your workers on your “Worker Assignment” board.

"Worker Assignment" board from "For Goods and Honor" Prototype

The threads are still very loose on how it all ties together … but I have a couple of weeks to get it into shape for testing with other designers.