Introducing: Thunder Run to Gratis-3

Thunder Run to Gratis-3As I went into great detail about in my previous post, I am planning to release an updated edition of Jump Gate by the end of June.

In the meantime, has a game design contest that I plan to have an entry ready for.  It’s due by mid-June, so that means I’ll be putting my attention from now until then on my contest entry.

I’ve actually been working on the game since the drive home from Protospiel-Milwaukee back in March. While at that design get-together, I had just finished playing Tuesday Night Tanks with Chevee Dodd and Brett Myers (yes, I like to link things and drop names … it something I just do), and we were sitting around talking about our favorite super-trashy, blow-stuff-up games (which is what TNT is about — if you like that sort of thing, click on the link and buy a copy).

Brett brought up Thunder Road, which I have never played … but I have watched a game of it, and it fits that bill perfectly.  Check out the pictures of the game and tell me that doesn’t look like a ton of metal-crunching fun!  And then I said “I should make something like that … in space!” And so my brain got to work on that very idea. Continue reading