New Updates: Catching Up After Vacation

Paper Money Podcast - Episode #54A lot of news items popped-up while I was away at GenCon and then on our week-long camping trip.  What better way to catch up than a bunch of links to other sites? 😉

8/3 – Purple Pawn’s Paper Money Podcast, Episode #54 – The Wausau Daily Herald article about my game design hobby was mentioned in the latest Paper Money podcast.  Listen around the 12:15 mark … and to make it all super-shiny, they think “it’s not a loser game” — how’s that! 🙂

8/3 – Glowing Castle Danger Review – Follow designer, Grant Rodiek, apparently really, really likes Castle Danger.  And that makes me happy.  (Grant is the designer of the cool-looking — and very cool-named — game Farmaggedon.)

8/10 – Battlespace Magazine’s Feature on TGC – Battlespace (online) Magazine has a feature article on in the August/September 2011 issue, which includes a few mentions and a couple pictures of Jump Gate.  And, of something called “Warpgate” that looks very, very familiar … 🙁

8/12 – I am TGC’s first “Designer Profile”! – will be posting periodic profiles of the designers that use their services, and they were nice enough to put my profile up first.  Be sure to check back each week to see the other designers using TGC for their games.

8/14 – Dice Tower’s GenCon 2011 Overview – At about the 8:30 mark of the Dice Tower’s GenCon 2011 recap video, Tom Vasel mentions the booth for and gives some nice video shots of 4 of my games (in order): Dicey Curves, DareBase, Castle Danger, and Jump Gate.  While Tom mentions me by name, the one game he gives — Diggity — isn’t one of mine … it’s by Dave Dobson of Plankton Games.  I had it there on behalf of Dave because I like to play it with my kids, and he sent me a new copy to take along. 😉

Okay … that should catch me up for a day-or-so!

Now I’ll turn my attention to getting Dicey Curves launched … thinking next Monday if everything goes well.

Catch Me at GenCon Indy!

GenCon Indy 2011I will be in Indianapolis next Thursday and Friday (August 4th and 5th) attending GenCon Indy 2011 (“The Best Four Days in Gaming!”).

Thursday will be my day to wander around and see what there is to see, get the lay of the land, and hopefully run into some of my game designer/publisher friends to talk with.

On Friday, I will be at the booth with the guys from, showing off the games I have published through their site along with one of my kids favorites by Dave Dobson (“Diggity“), and giving demos of my soon-to-be-release Dicey CurvesLook for me there between 11am and 2pm.

Starting at 2, I will be part of a panel of designers talking about Protospiel — an annual game designer get-together in Michigan.  I attended a couple of summers ago (and had originally planned to go this past summer), and it was a thoroughly entertaining time and greatly beneficial to me as a designer.  So, I am happy to introduce others to what it is about, as well as get another chance to talk with great folks like the other designers on the panel.  From the information I have, this will be event SEM1120131, starting at 2pm on Friday, in the Marriott’s Santa Fe room.

I can’t wait to get there … if you will be attending, I’d love to hear from you.  See ya there!

Upgrade at

TheGameCrafter.comThe website and available products and services at just went through a major upgrade this past week.  The changes are requiring me to update the web graphics associated with each of the games I have available there.

Jump Gate has already been updated, but I need to hunt through my archive files in order to update Castle Danger and DareBase.  I expect to have them updated before the end of the weekend.

One of the best parts of the update is that they now ship the games in an actual gamebox … and that is then packaged into a shipping box.  It’s all very generic at the moment, but now that they’ve moved to the updated site and production capabilities, more good stuff — such as actual folding, chipboard game boards, and tuck boxes — will be coming in the near future.  The pricing for parts has been reduced and more parts have been added.

A very nice upgrade indeed!

Spotlight on … Castle Danger

Castle Danger Board (4th Edition)Castle Danger is (so far) the most popular game I’ve published.  It was originally drawn on a whiteboard one evening before leaving work, and by the time I made it home after the long, slow commute, I had the main concepts worked out in my head.

Castle Danger Original PC Game ScreenI was much more into programming computer games at the time, so the first version of the computer game was started that night and completed within a week.  There were some gameplay walk-throughs with friends at work that week to finalize things … but the core parts of the game (board shape, piece types, portal use, etc.) have remained the same since.  (You can still download the PC game at the bottom of the Free Computer Games page.) Continue reading

Link to “Castle Danger” Print-and-Play Edition Added

Castle Danger Print-and-Play Title GraphicTonight I added a link to the free “Castle Danger” Print-and-Play Edition that can be downloaded from the game’s page at

The download is free, and it provides everything you need to play the game.  Your only cost is the ink in your color printer to printout the game board and pieces, and the time it takes for you to cut out and fold the stand-up game pieces.

You can find more info about it on the Free Board & Cards Game Page.