Play Space Mission Online for Free at Yucata

Play Space Mission at Yucata.deI just found out today via a forum post on BGG, that my game Space Mission (the Schmidt Spiele European version of Jump Gate) is now available for FREE online play at a German board gaming website called “Yucata” — found at .  The site does turn-based games (you can leave the site between turns and get an e-mail to let you know it’s now your turn … or play in real-time when all players are on the site) between real people (no computer AI or “solo player” games).

To jump gate straight to Space Mission, use: .  This is pretty exciting.  I’ve already signed up under the extremely creative user name of “MattWorden”, and I’m already registered in 4 games.   (Please feel free to invite me to a game at Yucata.)  I’m impressed by their implementation … kudos to the game programmer that took this on as a project!

My hope is that this will do the following 3 things:

  1. Give people a lot of entertainment value as a fun online game to play.
  2. Encourage Europe-based people to seek the game out and buy it.  (Each sale translates to buying food for our cats … or putting clothes on our children … or buying me beer … whichever motivates you more.)
  3. Encourage some US-based publisher to team with Schmidt Spiele and bring the game over to retailers on this side of the Atlantic.

In the meantime, I’m just going to get online and play the game as often as I can … just like I play Castle Danger at or DareBase at … please feel free to challenge me to either of those games at those sites as well.



Feb. 2012 – Jump Gate geocache – A Finders/Keepers Thing [DONE]

Jump Gate geocache Box - Feb. 2012Updated: 8-Feb-2012 … Clue #2 added.

Updated again on 8-Feb-2012 … IT HAS BEEN FOUND!

As a promotion in the run up to the Con of the North this year — where I will have a vendor space in the main hall — I thought I would find a unique way to give away a copy of Jump Gate.

I have “misplaced” this copy of the game somewhere in Hennepin County, Minnesota.  It is outdoors, in a place with public access — not a private business or school or anything where you would be in trouble for being.  And you won’t have to put yourself in any danger (legal or physical) to find it.

Whoever finds it gets to keep it.  And I’ve added a note in the box with a request to have that person e-mail me to let me know they found it in exchange for receiving an additional gift.

I will give a new clue each day-or-so until it is found.

Well, it was found rather quickly … after just 2 clues!  Found by Ben Holle of Maple Grove.  He does a nice job explaining how he went about finding it on the BGG Forum Post about this promotion:

And, here were the clues …

  • 7-Feb-2012 … Clue #1: If A=1 and Z=26, then start at “DID”.  You won’t need to travel as far as the Dakotas, but you’re headed in the right direction.  When you are nearby the goal, you will see a Radisson.
  • 8-Feb-2012 … Clue #2: “It is outdoors, in a place with PUBLIC ACCESS” … I could give you 10,000 examples, but the elves would only give you one.  Radisson in clue #1 is not a hotel. Hall of Fame

TheGameCrafter.comToday, I had the honor of being inducted into’s Hall of Fame.

Primarily, this was due to having first published Jump Gate at TGC, and the success that has followed for that game.

However, if you click over to the article, I think you will agree that my best hopes are for my freakishly-huge logo to take over the world! 🙂

Thanks to Tavis, JT, Jamie, and the rest of the team at TGC … it’s a great crew, and a great site for a guy like me to make some games!

Jump Gate Lands on Dice-Hate-Me’s Crowded Table

Dice Hate Me Games“Dice Hate Me” has put together a neat little article with quick blurbs about games that have been making it onto his extremely crowded game table.

There are some really cool games mentioned there, including Seth Jaffee’s well-received deck-builder, Eminent Domain.

But, I was very happy to see that the list also included Jump Gate.  He has some very nice things to say about it … so, go read the whole article.

Reminder: St. Boni Holiday Boutique Tomorrow

St. Boni Unique Holiday Boutique 2011Just wanted to take a quick minute and remind everyone that I will be at the St. Boni Unique Holiday Boutique, from 9am to 3pm tomorrow, selling Jump Gate and Dicey Curves.

There’s a good chance my lovely daughter will be there with me for at least part of the time.

And there’s 40-some other vendors there as well … come get your holiday shopping done!

Space Mission: My ‘Mostly Harmless’ Game

Space Mission at EssenScott Nicholson — a familiar face to folks who spend any time at, and the man behind “Board Games with Scott” — did a few dozen quick reviews of games being played at BGG’s big convention in Dallas a couple weeks ago.

In one of these ambush-style interview, he talks with some folks playing Space Mission.

While I won’t comment on Scott’s fun-but-condescending tone (or did I just?), I thought the gentleman being interviewed seemed rather positive about game, which is targeted at Schmidt Spiele’s prime market — German family gamers.  I’m pretty sure the game (especially with the Black Hole removed) will be too light for most BGG-type gamers.  But I think it works very well as a gateway game.

In any case, Scott sums it up with the not-completely-negative phrase: “Mostly Harmless”.

Ah, pride. 🙂

Selling Jump Gate in St. Boni on Saturday

St. Boni Unique Holiday Boutique 2011This Saturday (December 3, 2011), from 9am until 3pm, I will be selling Jump Gate as a vendor at the St. Boni Unique Holiday Boutique, located at the Choice School in St. Bonifacius.  {click the image to the left for a big version of the flyer}

For those needing specific directions, it’s located at 8101 Wildwood Avenue, St. Bonifacius, MN.

This will be the second time I’m selling at a holiday boutique this year.  It’s always a good time and fun to see the other vendors and their wares.

I’d love to have board gamers show up, even if it’s just to say “hi” during a pause in finalizing your gift list from the 40-some other vendors on display.

Of course, if you were interested in a copy of Jump Gate, I’ll be selling the “Friends & Family” release of the 2nd edition, which contains the extra spaceship art.  And, if you’d like me to, I’d be happy to personalize a copy with a message inside the box for whoever you’re getting the game for.

As an extra little at-the-event bonus, I’ll also have some copies of Dicey Curves available and I’ll be able to show off a copy of Space Mission (although that one’s not for sale). 😉

Thankfulness (2011)

Worden Family Hiking{Warning: this post is a link-o-rama of linkage … do not sue if you get a sore mouse finger from clicking on them all …}

I’ve recently had a number of reasons lately to review the past couple of years … especially the events around Jump Gate, from the original idea, through the early development, the final polishing, the GAMES Magazine honors, and Schmidt Spiele’s Space Mission.

More recently, throw in the nice response to Dicey Curves, and the very cool people I’ve met in the process of getting that game out and reviewed.  People I’ve met face-to-face, or viaTwitterand e-mail.

Finally, back it all up with the unstoppable support I get from my great family and awesome friends.  Everyone has really helped me and my wife and kids through a pretty tough year.

And to everyone who follows me here on this blog or via Twitter:  Thanks!!

I have a lot to be thankful for, and I try to make sure I take the time to acknowledge that every day. 🙂

Back from the eWilderness

Hard Drive CrashI’ve spent the better part of the past 10 days responding to a hard drive failure on my main laptop.  At first I wasn’t sure if it was actually a physical disk issue, or if my OS had become corrupted somehow.  In the end, it turned out that my hard drive actually completed died — went full “paperweight mode”.  A have a techy friend of mine to thank for a replacement drive, and some additional hardware to test out my old, faulty drive in case I’d still be able to read it somewhat.

I also want to say how happy I am that I had been running Carbonite as my file backup system!  Except for about 3 days worth of e-mails that I lost (there were a brief few hours in the middle of those 10 days where my old hard drive started acting normal again, and I turned on Outlook and it downloaded 3 days worth of e-mails, but Carbonite wasn’t able to archive the updated Outlook DB file before the hard drive crashed for good), everything else was restored onto my laptop within a day of having the new drive up and running.

Now that I’m back to having a working machine, there are a number of things I need to catch up on: someone won copies of a couple of my games (thanks to Father Geek), there was another positive review of Dicey Curves, I donated a copy each of Jump Gate and Dicey Curves in an auction, I received my copies of Space Mission (Schmidt Spiele’s take on Jump Gate), and I played the game with my son — and I loved it!

Oh, and I should be bringing out another new game via … something called Subtilla … a return to the head-to-head 2-player format.  Not an abstract game this time, though. 😉

So, watch for posts from me the next few days.  Also, if you’re not already following me on Twitter, please do so … and send me a tweet if you have any questions or comments about my games (or life in general). 🙂

Giant Fire Breathing Robot, Dicey Curves and Jump Gate

Giant Fire Breathing Robot WebsiteGeekInsight — one of the contributors to the Giant Fire Breathing Robot website (“Geeks, Games & Gamma Rays” — sounds like a cool place to hang out) — has recently written reviews of both Dicey Curves and Jump Gate.

It started out as an update to an on-going series of posts about him introducing his wife to more and more new games … something he calls “Operation GamerWife”.  He gives a couple of brief intros to his thoughts on my 2 games in the midst of other games he played that same week. Continue reading