Help Pick the “Space Mission” Trailer Video

Space Mission

"Space Mission" from Schmidt Spiele

Schmidt Spiele is showing off 2 video trailers for the board game Space Mission, and holding a voting poll on their Facebook page asking users to pick the better of the videos.

This is their reworking of my game Jump Gate … with much better art and slightly less complex game play.  It will be available at the Essen games fair in October.
And they are giving away prizes!! — including a copy of the game — to some randomly selected from those who vote! Please take a look and vote for your favorite.

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One Response to Help Pick the “Space Mission” Trailer Video

  1. Dave Dobson says:

    Version B rocks. I like the concept in A of a radio communication, but the voice guy in B sounds way better.
    Love the 3D animation, too – neato.

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