“For Goods and Honor” Becomes “Aether Magic”

"For Goods and Honor" ... Setup for a GameA few months ago, I mentioned that I had red bottoms women to have a game published by red bottoms heels .

That game was called “hermes kelly italia ” at the time. Since then, a good deal of testing-and-tweaking has gone on, and the game has been completely re-themed … although the mechanics are nearly the same (with a handful of changes that simplified and tightened things up).

"For Goods and Honor" ... Folks in a BagThe game is now called “Aether Magic” and is on schedule for publication later this year. Jeff Large, at Happy Mitten, gives the first official preview of the game on their site. CLICK HERE TO READ THE DETAILS.

I love where they’ve taken the game, and look forward to these next few months as things continue to progress! :)

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4 Responses to “For Goods and Honor” Becomes “Aether Magic”

  1. Neil Roberts says:

    Played this at Protospiel Milwaukee and had a blast. You and Happy Mitten have created a simple, easily understood bidding game with really fun social interaction that isn’t awkward. Looking forward to owning it!

  2. Thanks, Neil! Glad you enjoyed it, and appreciate the support you’ve shown as it gets developed. I can’t wait to see it be a real thing! :)

  3. Carl Klutzke says:

    Congratulations, Matt! Unlike Neil, I didn’t play this at Protospiel. But you will hardly be surprised by that. *sigh* If I’d known it was there, I would have asked for it specifically. :)

  4. No problems, Carl. Hope to be seeing you in Michigan in July … maybe you can try it there. 😉

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