FeedBurner Sign-Up Drive

Post DeliveryHere’s the short and sweet: I’d really like you to get updates when I post to this site. Please click on “Get E-Mail Updates” over there to the right. >>>>>

About MattWorden

My name is Matt Worden, and this is my website ... I live in Minnetrista, MN, with my wife and our 2 awesome kids.
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2 Responses to FeedBurner Sign-Up Drive

  1. Carl Klutzke says:

    Matt, I’m getting your updates via RSS. Would it help you if I also signed up for email updates?

  2. MattWorden says:

    Thanks, Carl, but that’s not necessary. FeedBurner actually counts the RSS subscribers in the total. But most non-techie folks don’t know what an RSS reader is. So, I just keep it simple and point to the email sign-up.

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