Jump Gate: Updated Resource Cards

Jump Gate Resources Card BackI just posted yesterday with my latest updates to the faces for the NavComp cards for Jump Gate.  In fact, I’ve even tweaked those a bit to add a little extra computer-ish flavor text — something to fill in some empty space on the UI without being a distraction.

Since then, however, I’ve stayed busy in Photoshop and redid the faces for the Resources cards as well.

Again, the originals were functional, but bland … and I was encouraged to spice them up a bit.  It was especially important, I felt, for the Resource cards to have a quick-reference icon in the upper-left corner of their faces in order to allow for a stack of Resources to be fanned out and still recognize what’s all in the stack.

With that in mind … and wanting to stay with the gray-pipe UI style on the other cards and Planet boards … here are some samples of what I came up with:

Jump Gate Resource Card Examples

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