“Jump Gate” Reviewed by Examiner.com

Jump Gate - Player Components

Each player starts with a Spaceship and some Markers

Skip Maloney posted a rather thorough review of the game at Examiner.com yesterday.  While he does a good job of describing how the game works, what I really like is how you can see him mentally working through his early plays of the game in order to better understand the strategies involved.

He raises a few questions that I’m sure he will find answers to with repeated play.  He does a nice job of both pointing out the simplicity of the game (easy to get the first game going, and easy to teach to others) and the depth of the game (having to decide about if it’s better to use the Jump Gate or save cards in order to collect more advantageous resources; a debate about the relative strength of the different resources’ scoring styles; etc.).

Of course, while I would rather he just jump in the air and shout “GAME Magazine nailed this one — Best! Game! EVAR!!” … I think he takes a fair, and thoughtful approach on the game.  So, thank you, Mr. Maloney, for taking the time to play the game and write up your thoughts.

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