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Space MissionIn 2011, German game publisher Schmidt Spiele contracted with me to publish a Europe-only production of a game called Space Mission. This was a simplified version of my game Jump Gate, targeted at the European family games market.

Space Mission Display at Essen 2011It included eye-popping art by Anne Pätzke (samples below) and some really nice components, like the 3D model space ships. It is out-of-print as of mid-2013, but might still be found in European game stores that sell Schmidt Spiele’s products.

Get more info on the BoardGameGeek page for the game.

Play it online against other people at

Space Mission's 3D Space Ship Model Space Mission Artwork Examples by Anne Pätzke (2011) Space Mission Artwork Examples by Anne Pätzke (2011) Space Mission Artwork Examples by Anne Pätzke (2011)

2 Responses to Space Mission

  1. Andrew Torrens says:

    Is there a pdf version of the English rules somewhere? I find the rules on feel like there are pieces missing.

  2. MattWorden says:

    Hi Andrew. While it’s difficult to find, Schmidt Spiele does host a PDF of the rule book in its 5 original languages … English (designated as “GB” on the pages) begins on page 20.

    You can find it here:

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

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