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Talking Shop …

Colonies of the Jump Gate, mid-August 2012, Solo Test End Game Score

Not only do I like to make games, but I also like to talk about the process of making games … and about other creative processes … and about how other designers and artists work … and about the things they are making … and … I think you get it.

So, I’ve setup a post category specific to these “Talking Shop” type discussions.  Here are a few of the most recent posts from this category …

I’ve Signed with Happy Mitten Games

Posted on Nov 4th, 2013

After handing my "For Goods and Honor" prototype to Jeff Large with Happy Mitten Games during GenCon back in August, the past couple months have been…

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On My Radar: Other People Working on Cool Things

Posted on Sep 2nd, 2013

I keep telling myself that I will soon write a post about the feast-or-famine cycle that my creative process rides along. But I continue to delay --…

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Posted on Aug 23rd, 2013

The time has come for me to do a bit of clean-up and cutting back on my back projects. Somewhere in the middle of the run-up to GenCon, attending…

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And here’s a link to all of the posts in this category: Posts about Talking Shop


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