Looking for Publishers

Looking for Publishers …

I do not plan to self-produce the following games on my own. I would love to find a publisher home for these games.  If you are a publisher and are interested in trying any of these out, please e-mail me for a review copy of the game.

Prototype Ready to Send

  • Abbottsville, Center Starting TilesAbbottsville, a light Euro-style family game … 2-6 players, 60-90 minutes … Set in the mid-1800s, players take on the roles of settlers of a new village on the western grasslands. Venture out into the surrounding wilderness to find new areas, collect goods, defend against predators, and return to the village to gain rewards for your explorations. Game involves action selection, dice-rolling, pick-up-and-deliever, and character cards with unique abilities. Read the rules here: Abbottsville Rules Booklet (16) … to read the most recent posts about this game: click here.

Getting So Very Close …

  • Magistrate, Final Scoring on a 4-player Test Game, Nov. 2013Magistrate, a heavy Euro-influenced conflict game with 3 simultaneous areas to control … 2-4 players, 90-120 minutes … The King will appoint a worthy Provincial Governor as his Magistrate to take care of the daily affairs of the land. Rally your people, military, and network of agents to prove you are the right Governor for the job.  This game has a lot going on at the same time with 3 different scoring areas that influence each other, players able to influence the timing of the scoring rounds, and interfere with each others’ plans. Get the step-by-step overview in detail: click here

For all of the latest, click here: posts in “Current Projects” …


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