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Matt WordenHi! My name is Matt Worden, and I’ve put this website together to promote my games projects. I was born and raised in Wausau, Wisconsin, and I now live with my wife and kids in Minnetrista, Minnesota — about 20 miles west of Minneapolis.

As long as I can remember, I’ve always been interested in games … I’ve liked to play them, watch others play them, and make up new ones too. Some years ago, I decided to start putting some effort behind some of these ideas … and this website gives you a glimpse at what I’m up to.

To other designers & gamers: I enjoy working on all aspects of game design and development, and also enjoy “talking shop” with gamers and fellow designers..  Feel free to give me some feedback on my games or to start up a discussion about the game design process.

To game publishers: While I self-publish a number of my games — mainly through the publish-on-demand site TheGameCrafter.com — I would much rather be published through traditional game publishers.  If you have any interest in discussing any of my designs, or in contracting me for specific projects, please e-mail me about it.

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  1. Hi, Matt! First of all let me congratulate you on winning the Game of the Year award! I’m very glad to see an independent game and designer get such recognition. I also am a game designer, I just released my first game on gamecrafter called Wild Pursuit! Maybe you’ve seen it? Anyway, I was wondering if you could give me any tips or advice on promoting my game. I have a blog to show off my games. Take a look and let me know what what you think! I could use any help you are willing to give. Take care and I hope the rest of your games win awards too!

  2. Neil Lara says:

    Matt, I wanted to thank you for letting us play your games at GENCON last weekend. My girlfriend and I thought Jump Gate & Magistrate were not only fun, but strategically challenging which we like. I wish you nothing but further success and hope we get another chance to meet and play more of your games. Keep up the good work!

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