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Space Mission

When I have a choice, I prefer to go the traditional route with having my games published: signing with a game publisher, and letting them take care of the final development, polish, marketing, distribution and sales of the games, helping out as little or as much as they care to have me involved.

Jump Gate, 3rd Edition, 3D Box Render

But sometimes with smaller-niche games (or with anything having to do with the Jump Gate or Land of Danger themes), I like to self-publish them using a print-on-demand (“POD”) service … specifically, the one available through

Dicey Curves, Deluxe Edition, Cars on the Track

All of my self-published games are setup in the TGC shop, which will allow you to browse, search, add items to a cart, and to purchase those items just like every other online store you might already be using. But, instead of having games pre-made and sitting on a shelf in a warehouse, TGC prints, picks and assembles the game after you order it. If you click on any of the “Buy My Games (please)” links in the right column, it will take you to the TGC shop to do your ordering.

Castle Danger, 10th Anniversary Edition, Mid-Game Shot

I use TGC for a number of reasons. They have a wide selection of professional grade pawns, dice, and other bits. Their printed items look really good. And they are able to package things exactly how I specify. Mostly, though, it is their community-focus and customer service that stands out. If you ever have a problem with one of my games that you order through TGC, be sure to let me know and I will work with them to fix it.

Subtilla, mid-game

It usually takes 1-2 weeks to get the games you buy through them … although delivery times tend to get longer during the summer/fall game convention season and through the holiday gift-buying season.

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  1. Thanks for this Matt. I’m nearing full production of Choose Happiness at Work, a ‘serious’ card game that teaches happiness and engagement at work, and trying to figure out where/how to get copies produced. I’ve used The Game Crafter for early decks and been reasonably pleased. I’m happy to read your endorsement here. Thanks!
    Scott Crabtree, Chief Happiness Officer,

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