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Background Story

Lost to history, there once was an archipelago nation in the middle of the north Atlantic called Brykovia. But it had only been called that name for about 100 years before it was lost. Before that name, before the Brykov family unified the islands under a single banner, it was referred to by the mocking pejorative of “Land of Danger” for almost 200 years.

Queen Isabel of Portugal in 1290

Queen Isabel of Portugal in 1290

That was the secret code name given to the land by Raimundo Peres da Costa when he discovered it in 1293, working quietly through Portugal’s Queen Isabel. The attempt to keep it secret failed quickly and all who learned of the land would sneer when they heard its name. Keeping people away from the newly found land by labeling the whole thing as dangerous simply didn’t work. Within a dozen years, its islands were dotted with settlements by people of nearly every known nationality and race.

However, the name wasn’t completely wrong. For with the gathering of so many ambitious people — earnestly looking for their own land to rule — came misunderstandings, conflicts and wars. It turned out to be a dangerous land after all.

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Historic Timeline

Raimundo Peres da Costa, discoverer of the Land of Danger

Raimundo Peres da Costa, discoverer of the Land of Danger in 1293

1290-1293 … Days of Discovery … Long rumored to exist a month’s sail to the west of Europe, the land was officially discovered by Raimundo Peres da Costa in 1293, secretly sponsored by Portugal’s Queen Isabel.

1295 – 1299 … Days of Settlement (5 years) … People of every thread flock to the islands and villages spring up along their coastlines.

1300 – 1318 … Days of Expansion (19 years) … As the coastline settlements continued to pop up and began to turn into thriving villages, people moved inland and began to explore the islands in the archipelago. Interior villages were established and movement and trade developed.

1319 – 1327 … Days of Magic (9 years) … It was found — mostly by accident — that these lands were positioned at the intersection of several very powerful ley lines. This allowed people with the right sensitivities to tap into the natural magics within the earth. Wizards would become as commonplace as nobles and master builders.

1328 – 1444 … Days of Conflict (118 years) … Between the vast natural resources and the newly discovered magical properties of the land, it was inevitable that the most ambitious people would feel a need to control as much of it as possible. Conflicts resulted. Many of them; over many years.

1445 – 1465 … Days of Consolidation (21 years) … Through over a hundred years of near-constant fighting, 7 prominent families emerged. Over a couple of decades, they worked to solidify their own kingdoms and make peace (more or less) between each other.

1466 – 1477 … Days of Unification (12 years) … Of the 7 families, the Brykovs became the most powerful and worked to gain the allegiance of the other 6. By 1478, they were able to unify the land under a single flag for the first time and officially named it Brykovia.

1478 – 1580 … Brykovia (103 years) … After a string of 5 hereditary male kings in the European tradition, a radical new “earned crown” approach to the monarchy was enacted by the 1530s. Ral Nexen, the 4th of these new style monarchs, spoke his infamous curse in 1580 that sunk the islands and removed them from our known history. And that is a story all its own.

Land of Danger Shoreline

Games Based on this theme, in order of expected release …

  • Published:
    • Castle Danger, 10th Anniversary Edition, Mid-Game ShotCastle Danger – 2 players, 30-60 minutes. The Red and Blue Castles setup way too close to each other on each side of a river … conflict ensues! Traditional-style abstract strategy game: Protect your King while trying to off your opponent’s King.
  • Available Now via Print-and-Play:
    • Danger at the Walls – 2 players, 30 minutes. Once again, Blue sends its army over to crash Red’s walls. Area control game with hand management and clever card play.
  • Available Soon via
    • King of Danger – 2-6 players, 30-60 minutes. Every King and Queen love to show off their power through a big, audacious castle. Take tricks to build yours up and knock down the others’ to score the most points.

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