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The Tales of Danger Series of Games

This series of 7 games will step through the history of the Land of Danger, with each game recounting a particular period.

Land of Danger ShorelineThe first game, Tales of Danger #1: Days of Discovery, is scheduled to be funded through Kickstarter in early 2016 and be available for distribution and retail later in the year. Two more games in the series are planned to be released each year that follows.

While each game will play independently, with different mechanics, play styles and goals, they will string together, step-by-step, from the “Days of Discovery” until the “Days of Unification.” The games will each work stand-alone, and can be played in any order. However, the full 7-game series, in order, will allow players to fill-in the details that lie behind the 185-year timeline of the Land of Danger.

Each of the games will share in the following qualities:

  • Based on a specific set of “Days” in the Land of Danger history
  • Thematic, family-friendly content and presentation
  • Light-to-medium strategy; 30-90 minutes (specific to each game)
  • Playable solo, as well as with up to 4 or more players (max. player count will be specific to each game)
  • The solo game will play in a compact space (target: fitting on a standard airplane tray table)

Expected Release Schedule:

  • #1 – Days of Discovery – Kickstarter: June/July 2016, Release: Q4 2016
  • #2 – Days of Settlement – Release: Q2 2017
  • #3 – Days of Expansion – Release: Q4 2017
  • #4 – Days of Magic – Release: Q2 2018
  • #5 – Days of Conflict – Release: Q4 2018
  • #6 – Days of Consolidation – Release: Q2 2019
  • #7 – Days of Unification – Release: Q4 2019

Press Release - "Tales of Danger" Game Series (140)

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