Tales of Danger #1: Days of Discovery

Tales of Danger #1: Days of Discovery

(This first game in the Tales of Danger series, is scheduled to be funded through Kickstarter in early 2017)

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Days of Discovery - First Draft Box Cover Render


1-5 players, 30-60 minutes; Hand Management, Resource Management, Racing

Land of Danger ShorelineLost to history, a new land in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean was discovered by Portuguese sailor Raimundo Peres da Costa at the cusp of the 14th century. The process of merely planning and gaining support to make such a risk-filled journey was a difficult path of its own. Yet, in securing the sponsorship of beloved Queen Isabel of Portugal, Raimundo was able to get the supplies and crew needed to accomplish his dream.

Portrait Illustration of Raimundo Peres da Costa, discoverer of the Land of Danger

Raimundo Peres da Costa, discoverer of the Land of Danger in 1293

Players recreate this accomplishment in a game that plays out as a 3-act story. First, gather evidence of the rumored land and assemble a plan in order to gain sponsorship from King Dinis, Queen Isabel, the Bishop of Lisbon, or other important figures. Second, use the resources from your sponsor and the help of others to get the supplies and crew needed to make the journey. Finally, sail the treacherous seas to discover the “Land of Danger.”

Gameplay is centered around a deck of multi-use cards that will provide different forms of influence and characters that can provide help. Some cards are drawn secretly, while others are drafted publicly. Players discard cards from their hand to spend influence, which gains the help from the characters on other cards. The help may involve providing evidence of the land, plans on how to get there, gaining supplies or crew, etc.

Queen Isabel of Portugal in 1290

Queen Isabel of Portugal in 1290 … Can you gain her sponsorship?

The goal of the first act of the game is to secure the sponsorship of one of six major figures, who each have their own special powers that will provide help in the second and third acts of the game. While the game, ultimately, is a race to be first to get to the Land of Danger, points are also scored for helping others and having the most adventurous trip.

The game is playable solo, and also with 2 to 6 players. Player interaction can be very subtle and primarily consists of impacting the cards available for others to draw or draft, and vying for sponsorship and limited supplies and crew.

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