Castle Danger

Castle Danger …

Castle Danger is a 2-player strategy game where you need to keep your King safe, while working the undoing of the King on the other side of the river.

Castle Danger, 10th Anniversary Edition, Mid-Game Shot

Midway into a game with the 10th Anniversary Edition.

Each turn, add a piece to the board … Wizards allow you to do more things in a turn, Builders build Walls to keep you safe, and Cannons destroy the opponent’s pieces.

This is a traditional 2-player abstract strategy game with a lightweight theme.  In addition to the ultimate goal of offing the opponent’s King, players need to balance adding the right pieces to the board while keeping enough room to move around.

Playing Online

Besides being able to play Castle Danger on a tabletop, there are 2 different board game websites that have implemented the game. has a very nice point-and-click interface and a gang of high quality players. has a smaller, but more personable group of players … and I’d like to know if anyone reading this has ever beaten “Keith” or “PapaBear”. 😉


Castle Danger, 3rd Edition, Components

Here’s how the 3rd Edition looked

1st Edition: April 2003 … 2nd Edition: November 2003 … 3rd Edition: February 2005 (out of print: July 2007) … 4th Edition: 2009 – 2012 via TGC

I hand-assembled each set from the first 3 editions.  The pieces were wooden blocks that I applied clear labels to.  The labels had black symbols printed on them.  The boards were also layered, cut and finished by hand.  (Thinking back on it now … I’m very happy that came along!)

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