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On occasion I will put together a print-and-play game, or a set of rules for a game that can be played with either ordinary components (like a standard pack of playing cards and/or basic markers) or an existing “games system” (like the piecepack).  When I do, I will post it here.


Blaster Waves

Blaster Waves Setup to Play

Blaster Waves was originally designed in response to a print-and-play game design contest on BoardGameGeek. While I have made it available as a game you can buy on, it was originally setup as print-and-play files.

There are 2 different versions — one that is gentler on your printer, and one that is full color.  I also setup a VASSAL Module to play the game with.  You can download those here:


Castle Danger: Free Print-and-Play Edition

Castle Danger Print-and-Play Title Graphic

Soon after releasing the 4th Edition of Castle Danger through, I put together a print-and-play version of the game, available for (free) download via the

With this edition, you’ll need to give your color printer a workout … and feel comfortable cutting out the fold-over-stand-up version of the pieces.

If you give this edition a try (or any edition of the game, really), please be sure to leave a comment on the game’s BGG page.




In an attempt to find a way to add some strategy, positioning and recon elements into the traditional game War!, I came up with “Trench”.

Players setup their face-down army of card in a pair of trenches.  During a turn, a player can swap the position of cards, conduct “recon” (making the other player flip one of their cards face-up), or attack.  The who-wins-a-battle rules have been tweaked a touch too to make things a bit more interesting.

You can download the PDF of the rules … and then, if you would be so kind, you can post a comment on my thread on BGG about the game.


Siege by Number (piecepack game)

Siege By Number Board Setup

“Siege by Number” is a game for the piecepack game system.  It is a tactical battle game for up to four players, using tiles to form the gameboard, and coins (“armies”) and pawns (“commanders”) as playing pieces. Dice are used to determine how far pieces can move, while the coin values determine the outcome of the one-on-one battles that take place in the game. The objective of the game is to move your Commander onto another player’s Home Base tile.

You can click here to get the “Siege by Number” rules (PDF).


Galaxy Express (piecepack game)

Galaxy Express Game Setup

“Galaxy Express” is another game that is designed around the piecepack game system.  It is a solitaire game about delivering shipments between planets in the distant future. It is a game of strategic planning and clever movement. Carefully move your starship to each of the planets, in the proper order, while refuelling as little as possible.

This game was the joint runner-up in a piecepack design contest called “Solitary Confinement.”

You can click here to get the “Galaxy Express” rules (PDF).


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