Gem Raider

Gem Raider

Gem Raider is an action/arcade game with a touch of a puzzle element. Turn on all 4 switches in a Sector without being destroyed by mutant gems. Destroy the mutant gems and protect the white diamonds to maximize your score.

Gem Raider ScreenshotThe Free Demo has the following restrictions:

  • Normal Level Limited to 8 Sectors (Full Version gives 20 Sectors/Game)
  • Heavy Level Limted to 5 Sectors (Full Version gives 20 Sectors/Game)
  • On-Screen Demo Reminders & Nag Screens
  • Cheat Codes Do Not Work (Full Version includes more than a dozen)

Purchase the full version of the game to remove these restrictions. 

(Requirements:  Windows2000 or later + DirectX8 or later.)

Gem Raider ScreenshotCheat Codes

All Cheat Codes have been revealed.  Click here to download all the details (PDF).

My Personal Favorite

Completed in the Fall of 2006, this is my favorite computer game that I’ve made so far.  My wife enjoys it quite a bit too, and we have an on-going battle trying to remove each other’s high scores (although I think she’s gotten *way* better at it than me).  I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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