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Dicey Curves …

Dicey Curves, Deluxe Edition, 3D Box Render, March 2014 Rollin’ Dice & Racin’ Cars! … it’s just about that simple!

Dicey Curves is a party-style car racing game that is fun for the whole family! The racetrack is built from a deck of track cards while the race is going on, giving a different track every time. Players roll dice to form combos that are used to move the cars down the track. Control chips can be bought and used to adjust dice results and make special moves with the cars.

Dicey Curves, Deluxe Edition, All ComponentsThrough some luck of the roll, picking the best path on the track, and well-timed use of control chips, get your car across the finish line faster than all the rest.

Dicey Curves, Deluxe Edition, Danger Expansion Obstacles on the TrackDicey Curves, Deluxe Edition, also includes the DANGER! Expansion, which amps the game up into a dash of take-that, damage and danger! Give damage to other players, modify dice rolls, and add obstacles to the racetrack in order to interfere with other players and give your cars the advantage.

Toward the end of 2012, Dicey Curves made the 2013 GAMES Top 100 games list!

Dicey Curves, Deluxe Edition, Cars at the Start Dicey Curves, Deluxe Edition, Cars on the Track Dicey Curves, Deluxe Edition, Green Car at a 5-Dice Gate Dicey Curves, Deluxe Edition, Cars at the Finish

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  3. Father GEek says:

    An absolutely fantastic game!

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