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Space exploration & set collection for 2-5 players. GAMES Magazine's 2011 Game of the Year!
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Rollin' Dice & Racin' Cars! A party-style racing game for 2-8 players.
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2-players, 30-60 minutes. Perfect information abstract strategy game set during the days of conflict in the Land of Danger.
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MWG Warrior of Destiny

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Posted on Mar 1st, 2015 hermes handbags sale

I need your help! Join my "insiders" Facebook group -- the MWG Warriors of Destiny -- to get the early, inside scoop on all things related to my…

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Beautiful Mancala Board

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Posted on Jun 4th, 2015 - hermes bag outlet

I like to say "I am not a patient man" -- misquoting and doing a bad imitation of Forrest Gump -- but that isn't exactly true. I have a lot of…

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Posted on Mar 9th, 2015 - birkin hermes replica

Those of you who are already subscribed to get updates from this website or already follow me on Facebook/Twitter know that I usually write my longer…

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Aether Magic Card Art Examples

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Posted on Feb 27th, 2015 - kelly bag hermes

As I mentioned in my previous post, the Happy Mitten team has really focused on a handful of clear goals with the games they want to publish:…

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Aether Magic on Kickstarter

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Posted on Feb 24th, 2015 - hermes for women

There was a conscious decision made during development to strictly focus Aether Magic as a 3-to-6 player game, because one of the central mechanics…

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Aether Magic on Kickstarter

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Posted on Feb 20th, 2015 - hermes for women

If you've listened to or read any of the player commentary about Aether Magic -- like the player quotes on the Kickstarter page, or this succinct…

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