Jump Gate Spring Special for Game Stores

Box top artwork for 2nd Edition of "Jump Gate"Starting now, through the end of May 2011, I will be offering a “Spring Special” deal on Jump Gate for brick and mortar game stores:  Buy 5 or more, and get 1 free … *and* get free shipping too.

This special get-a-free-game deal will only work for the first order of 5 or more games puchased by a store.  And it’s only available to physical, “brick and mortar” game stores — not to online-only game stores.

Contact me at matt@mwgames.com for full details on the offer, wholesale pricing, etc.

Possible Fantasy Football Fix?

FootballI’ve broken open my programming environment once again for a new (and, yet, kinda old) game project.

The NFL lockout has me worried that I won’t be able to watch my world-champion Green Bay Packers play football next fall … but, even worse, I may not get to play fantasy football with friends and family.  It has become an important and very entertaining part of the football seasons for me.

So, I’ve been toying around again with an old, old computer game idea I’ve had around an American football coaching simulator.  Originally, this was going to be a single player game, but had the potential to allow multiple players … and, it won’t take much to expand it into handling a full “league” of players.  So, the new twist is on how to make it more fantasy-football-like; make it conducive to a smaller group of people who know each other playing in a league together.

I think I have a good design worked out and I’ve just started some initial programming to test out some of the concepts.  If I’m able to get something ready-to-go by the end of summer, and the NFL is still locked-out, it could possibly fill my need for a fantasy football fix.  Stay tuned.

Walking Softly, Fighting with Grace

Mike with a TurkeyMy father-in-law, Mike Kersten, finished off his battle with cancer earlier tonight.  In the words of my wife: “He won.”

We are celebrating his life … a great example of someone who walked softly and fought with grace — especially over the past 18 months, since the cancer was diagnosed.

He is well-loved by many.  That might be all that needs to be said.

Thank you, Mike … couldn’t have asked for a better father-in-law.  And thank you, along with Margy, for raising Britt to be the amazing woman she is.

Now, rest.  The fight is over.

Up and Running at Con of the North

"Jump Gate" Table at Con of the NorthI have arrived at Con of the North, in St. Paul, Minnesota.  That’s my table pictured to the left there.

The wifi works (guess that means I’m “live blogging”), I have “rock tape” on my back (guess that means I’m ready to rock), my banner is up (see pic at the bottom of this post), my wares are out, and I’m ready to talk with folks about Jump Gate!

Con of the North Gamers doing what they doThe crowd is already a nice size already and quite active in their game-playing.  There’s quite a range of games going on, from naval ship-plotting battles, to 3D minatures skirmishes, to family board games like Ticket to Ride.  I like how the vendors’ area is around the outside edges of the main gaming room — great traffic, and great people-watching all in one.

So, I’ll put in a few hours here tonight to get the feel of how things work, be back for a longer time tomorrow (I plan to do game-demos at my table, since I signed-up too late to get into the real game session schedule), and perhaps some more on Sunday.  I’m located in the center of the back wall — stop by and say “Hi!” :)

"Jump Gate" Banner for Con of the North

Selling Jump Gate at Con of the North

Con of the NorthThe “Con of the North” is an annual gaming convention in St. Paul, Minnesota.  This year, it runs from Friday, February 18th, through Sunday, February 20th.  (Click the link to see the dates, time and location details.)

I will be at a vendor table selling Jump Gate this year.  I will have 2 different Second Edition releases with me.  The “standard” version contains all of the normal game components and retails for $25 (tax included) at the convention.  The “Friends & Family” release contains the extra spaceship artwork, ship cards and card stands that are only otherwise found in the games sold through Funagain.com.  The F&F Release will retail for $30 (tax included) when you buy it from me at my table.

Assuming I can get a working wifi connection, then I will be able to take credit card payments in addition to checks and cash.

Please stop by the table and say “Hi”. :)

Jump Gate Available at More Online Retailers

Box top artwork for 2nd Edition of "Jump Gate"Besides the special release at Funagain, that I’ve mentioned a couple times now, there are now 3 more online retailers selling the standard version of the 2nd Edition:

Operating out of Broomfield, Colorado — a place I’ve visited a handful of times for my day job — Time Well Spent Games now has the game in stock and at a great price.

Thought Hammer, in Texas, also lists the game in their inventory now.

And, finally, Pennsylvania-based GameSurplus has some copies available as well.

So, now you have a handful of options in the US to get the game on your table!

First Twin Cities Retailer — Phoenix Games

Phoenix GamesThe first Twin Cities area retailer to sell Jump Gate is Phoenix Games in Deephaven.  To get there, drive west on Minnetonka Blvd. about a mile from the intersection with Hwy 101.

Stop in, say “Hi” to Neil, and ask him about Jump Gate … last I checked, he still had a couple copies on the shelf.

If you stop-in on a Saturday, you’ll get to see some Warhammer players making use of the large terrain table in the middle of the store — it’s pretty cool.

Special February “Jump Gate” Promotion at Funagain

Funagain GamesFunagain Games is running a special February Promotion for “Jump Gate” … if you buy the game from them in the month of February, you are automatically registered for a drawing of a $35 gift card to their online store.

(Click through to the promotion to see the other way to register.)

So, besides the fun extras already found in their special limited release, there’s now another reason to buy the game from Funagain.

btw … I’ve recently gotten some traction with other retailers too … and I’ve signed-up to sell the game at a local convention … watch for those posts in the next few days!