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Brick Crypt and Pack Library

    Full Library (~2.2MB)
    Doco Only (~198KB)



Release Date: 12-July-2001

Brick Crypt and Pack Library
The "Brick Crypt and Pack" library is based upon an ActiveX DLL written in Visual Basic by Matt Worden. It is intended to be used by Visual Basic developers as an all-in-one encryption and file-packing system. It includes the DLL (BrickCnP.DLL), along with two tool applications (QuickCrypt.exe and BrickPack.exe) and documentation file (BrickCnP.rtf).


  • Use a single call to Encrypt or Decrypt Strings, Byte Arrays, or Files
  • "QuickCrypt", a file encryption tool application, included
  • Load an array with data file information, and a single call will pack those files into a single binary file
  • "BrickPack", a fully-functional data file encrypting and packing utility, included
  • Make use of the individual data files packed into the binary file with two simple calls (one to register the binary file, one to get the path to the temporarily unpacked data file)
  • Clean up all temporarily unpacked data files with a single call
  • Detailed Documentation includes full function/method details, as well as practical information and code examples

The "Brick Crypt and Pack" library is released as "freeware" to the general public, under the following conditions:

  • The library is distributed in its original state (zipfile containing the needed installation files, plus a "readme.txt" file) and includes all of the original files
  • Any programs that make use of the DLL will include a line in the credits similar to: "Encryption and File Packing courtesy of 'Brick Crypt and Pack' by Matt Worden"
  • The user does not attempt to "crack", "hack", or in any way attempt to discover the encryption routines used within the DLL

Downloads & Support
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