You better come find me at GenCon …

GenCon Indy 2011… or I might just bump into you while I wander around looking like an overwhelmed noob at a giant game con (since that is exactly what I will be).

I gave some brief and general info about my attending GenCon Indy 2011 a few post ago, but I’m forming a bit clearer picture of where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing the 2 days I’m there.

My flight arrives in Indy around Noon, and padding some time for hotel check-in and brief settling (transferring things from my suitcase to a backpack, etc.), I should be getting to the con by early afternoon.  My entire plan for Thursday is to wander (as described above) and find people I’m looking to meet in person (some of these folks I’ve know online for almost 10 years!) and to get the general lay of the land.

On Friday, I will be at the booth with the guys from from 11 am until about 1:30 pm, when I hustle up to the Santa Fe room in the Marriot for a panel on Protospiel, starting at 2.  The Protospiel event is an open event, so please come see me and the rest of the designers on the panel talk about what it’s like to attend a cool game designer get-together like Protospiel.

If you will be at GenCon, and can’t stop in at the booth mid-day Friday, please Tweet me or e-mail me about meeting somewhere Thursday afternoon/night or Friday evening/night.  (Unlike a lot of the attendees, I actually *do* plan to make it back to my hotel room to sleep a bit Thursday night!)

See you there!

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