On the Ground in Indy

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On Approach to INDI’ve landed at IND (nice, sleepy, uneventful flight) and had a ride to my hotel with a chatty shuttle driver only to find that my room wasn’t ready.  So, I’m sitting in a nearby grill and bar, having a fine burger (and, yes, for my friends at the WacFac, a serious side salad!) and a tasty amber boch (worth its weight in gold-enybrownyumminess) … and putting up a post about my adventure so far.

To give you even more insight into the luxurious lifestyle of a typical midwestern suburban dad-with-a-dayjob, who also does some game design on the side … after getting up at 5:30am to shower and make sure everything I intended to pack last night was, indeed, in the suitcase, I made some breakfast shakes (another nod to the WacFac team) for me and the rest of the family, and we headed into Mound to drop our son off at his mid-week kidsfunthingy (our daughter is off at camp for the week).  My wife & I had a good chat for the next hour as she drove me to MSP airport and dropped me there.

I was at the gate by 9 and boarded around 9:30 and had an on-time take-off.  After a short nap (which I didn’t realize was about to occur … so, I was a little shocked to find myself a few thousand feet up when I came-to), I sketched out some thoughts I was having about the sequal to Jump Gate.  I’ve reached-out to Ben Ross, who is my dayjob workmate and playtester that came up with the ideas I wrapped into the “Orbital Burn” advanced game rules for the original.  I expect to get together with him to start some early imagining on that front in September.  I’m thinking a proper epic space strategy game this time … any publishers have an interest? 😉

And that brings us up-to-date with the first paragraph in this post.

The plan from here is to get into my room at the hotel, de-pack my suitcase (it’ll be very similar to playing Jenga, I think), pack my backpack and get a ride to the convention center.  From there, I will set out to find the booths for TheGameCrafter.com, Tasty Minstrel Games, and see what other sorts of interesting things and people I can find.  I will have my camera at-the-ready too.

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