GenCon Indy 2011 – Day 1 Recap

GenCon Indy 2011Well, my plan I gave at the end of my previous post worked out pretty well.

After my burger/beer, I was able to get into my room, get my things together and catch the next shuttle over to GenCon.  By the time I got there, the will-call lines were small and getting my badge was a snap.

JT and Jaime at the TGC Booth at GenCon Indy 2011I found my way to the main exhibitor hall, and went directly to the booth for  After shaking hands and chatting a bit with JT, Jaime, Tavis, and CW Karstens (Thursday’s in-booth designer), I wandered the hall to see what there was to see, taking pictures as I went.

Seth Jaffee from TMGAfter a bit of a wander, I found the booth for Tasty Minstrel games, and met and chatted with Michael M., and Seth Jaffee.  Michael gave me a demo of Martian Dice and Belfort, and Seth walked me through Jab and Eminent Domain.  TMG really has built a nice stable of cool games in a very short time.

After the hall shut down at 6pm, I was able to meet-up with Rick Teverbaugh, an editor with the Anderson, IN, Herald Bulletin.  He is interesting in Dicey Curves, with its racing theme.  We played through a whole game — 2 players, 2 cars each — and it was a nice, tight, well-fought game that came down to the wire.  In the end, he was able to sneak in ahead of me while my second car got hung up behind a 4-gate.  It was a great time, and I look forward to sending Rick a review copy once the game is out later in the month.

Dicey Curves Game with Rick TI ended the day by getting into the gaming library room, and playing a game of CW Karten’s Dragon Valley (an excellent game, and a worthy KickStarter project), and then chatting with the designer of an interesting storytelling/strategy game called Force of Fiction.

Back to the hotel to sleep … and now I’m back up and at it again. 🙂

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