“Space Mission” = German “Jump Gate”

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Space Mission
"Space Mission" from Schmidt Spiele

Schmidt Spiele is the German publisher I licensed Jump Gate to.  They will be launching their version of the game — entitled Space Mission — at the Essen game fair in October.

While only the box cover art has been publicly revealed so far, I have seen samples of the planetary and resource tile artwork … and it is extremely well done.  Kudos to the artist for sure!

And I’ve had a chance to read through a draft of the English translation of the rules.  The changes to the game to better fit the European family game market are very well done.  They have simplified the game by removing the Black Hole and the special actions.  All resources — including those collected by the players — are kept face-down, and the game ends when too many “Space” cards (their take on “Nothing” cards) are showing.  It’s very tight.

It sounds like Schmidt Spiele plans to make it a big deal at Essen, with a couple of promotional things in the works.  I’m looking forward to getting more info and to getting my hands on physical copies at some point too.

As you may expect, this is all pretty exciting for me.  Wish I was able to make a trip to Germany in October!

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  1. Seth Jaffee

    Congrats! The box looks great. I hope it makes a big splash in the European market. And they said Europeans don’t like space themes… pshaw! 🙂

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