Jump Gate – Discounts for Retailers Heading into the Holidays

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Box top artwork for 2nd Edition of "Jump Gate"

For retailers looking to add the 2011 Traditional Game of the Year — Jump Gate — to their stock before and during the holiday season …

I am providing some strong discounting off the normal wholesale pricing over the next couple months.

Also, I will continue my FREE SHIPPING offer: any order of 6 or more games for internet shops, or 3 or more games for brick & mortar stores will NOT be charged shipping within the US.  (And I’m willing to work out a deal on reduced/shared shipping costs for orders outside the US.)

Now, here are the discounts …

  • Orders placed in September – 25% discount
  • October – 20% discount
  • November – 15% discount
  • December – 10% discount

I do not expect that the 2nd edition of the game will be available to retailers after December 2011.

To place an order, please e-mail me at matt@mwgames.com.

Here’s the “fine print” …

  • Orders with “free shipping” will be shipped via UPS Ground to sites within the US.  Any other shipping provider/service level is not eligible for free shipping.
  • Invoicing will be done electronically via e-mail through Paypal invoicing.  The invoice will be sent (along with package tracking information) as soon as the order has been shipped.

4 Responses

  1. Mark Dressner

    I have several questions about Jump Gate rules:

    1) If you have scanned a planet must you take a resource of a claimed planet or do you have an option not to (in order to avoid black hole).

    2) Do you have to use a fly action to a neighboring planet or can you jump (to put a piece on the jump gate)?

    3) At the beginning of the game when all players are on the jump gate, to get to a planet one must jump and use the jump gate, correct?

    Thanks. Fun Game.

  2. MattWorden

    Hi Mark … I did also reply to the questions in your comment over on the Jump Gate page (http://www.mwgames.com/?page_id=22), so be sure to check that as well.

    In response to your questions here:

    1> I wrote the rule as *may* take a resource … so, they can choose to *not* take one as well.

    2> You may Jump to a neighboring planet … so, yes, it would be a way to gain additional markers on the Jump Gate by Jumping to a neighbor instead of Flying there. You cannot Jump to the planet you are already on, but the other 7 planets are fair game for a Jump.

    3> To move to a planet at the start of the game, you will most likely need to use Jump … however, you can also use the “Wormhole” special action if you have it. You cannot use “Fly”.

    Hope that’s helpful! 🙂


  3. Mark Dressner

    Thanks Matt for answering questions personally. Last night I loved reading your comments on board game geek.

    So how do you deal with a devious 8 year old who, for years, has beaten his parents at such games as Carcasonne, Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Cattan, Alladin’s Dragon, and EVO? He thinks of every twist of the rules. We never let him win. He did win yesterday at our second try at jump gate. (Dad, is it okay if I jump to the next planet instead of flying? – of course grabbing the extra 5 point
    s right before games end).

  4. MattWorden

    Hi again, Mark! 🙂

    How to deal with a sharp 8-year-old gamer … hmmm …. 😉

    1. Make sure he knows that you find it entertaining and exciting to have a kid his age playing at this level … you definitely want to encourage this behavior!!

    2. Rent him out as a prototype play-tester for designers … it’s always important to find the corners and possible breaking points on rules.

    3. Give him a big box of prototyping parts and get him designing his own games … and this is where I point you at TheGameCrafter.com to be able to create your own games within a reasonable budget! 😉

    Cheers … and I’m glad you’re enjoying the game!


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