Father Geek is Giving My Stuff Away!!

Father Geek Seal of ApprovalOf course, he checked with me first … and I told him it was okay. 😉

Turns out he really liked both Jump Gate and Dicey Curves a lot, and so did his little geeks!  You can see how much by checking out the detailed reviews he had for those games (links: Jump Gate ReviewDicey Curves Review).

Also, he just recently awarded me his Father Geek “Seal of Approval”, which isn’t awarded out to just anyone … so, I feel very, very special! 🙂

So … most importantly, thanks to Father Geek, you now have a way (lots of ways, actually) to win a combo-pack that includes Jump Gate and Dicey Curves!!

Check out Father Geek’s “Jump Gate and Dicey Curves Game Bundle Giveaway” for how to win. The thing ends in about a week — November 7th — so, get your entries in today!

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