Giant Fire Breathing Robot, Dicey Curves and Jump Gate

Giant Fire Breathing Robot WebsiteGeekInsight — one of the contributors to the Giant Fire Breathing Robot website (“Geeks, Games & Gamma Rays” — sounds like a cool place to hang out) — has recently written reviews of both Dicey Curves and Jump Gate.

It started out as an update to an on-going series of posts about him introducing his wife to more and more new games … something he calls “Operation GamerWife”.  He gives a couple of brief intros to his thoughts on my 2 games in the midst of other games he played that same week.

GFBR Does Dicey Curves

Next came a full review of Dicey Curves (“Making Dice Enjoyable”!!).  He does a very nice job of giving not just an overview of the rules, but also the “feel” of the game — explaining how the various decisions and mechanics work together, and what a player needs to think through while playing.

He gave it a little knock for the downtime players may experience when playing with a larger group, as each player takes time in considering his/her options.  I can’t disagree in this base form of the game … I’ll just mention that some of that will get relieved a bit with the first expansion, which I’m planning to have ready by February.  (Con of the North attendees … I’m looking at you!) 🙂

GFBR Does Jump GateHe followed that up with a full review of Jump Gate (“Great Fun in a Small Package”).  His initial impression (as he wrote in that first snippet while introducing the game to his wife) was that the game was “too random”, but then (correctly, imo) surmised that perhaps he had stuck too strongly to a pre-planned strategy instead of being more opportunistic.

This game does reward you for being more tactical and getting the best out of whatever the cards and current game situation will allow you at the time.

With the full review, it’s obvious that he’s played the game a number of times and has gotten a great feel for how the game moves and the better tactics to use.

While I’m always happy to see another reviewer enjoying my games, I’ve found the GFBR site to be one that I can get lost in for quite a while before I notice that I just burnt up the better part of an hour skipping around and reading a ton of different content.  The collection of content is an interesting combination of things, and the writing seems to be very good across the board.  So, I’m glad to have found another interesting site to read that includes some game content among other things.

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