Getting Dicey Curves “Retailer-Ready”

Dicey Curves
All components fit nicely into the handy drawstring bag.

I’ve been working on making Dicey Curves into a form that will work for retailers to re-sell.  While I will continue selling the game through, I also wanted to be able to sell through some of the web retailers I’ve built a relationship with, and for any FLGS’s that would like to sell the game.

However, I did not want to create another full-scale manufacturing operation (like I with with Jump Gate, Second Edition).  So, to find the best mix approach, I’m ordering the cards and bits from TGC (nicely bagged-up and ready for packing), I found a different source for the drawstring bags (a slightly smaller and less soft bag, but functional), produced my rulesheets at a local printer, and added a yellow security ring around the neck of the bag and an “info tag” that will hang from the security ring.
The drawstring bag *is* the packaging, with the info tag giving shoppers the info about the game inside the bag.  This will allow FLGS retailers to either stack the bag on a shelf or hang it from a hook in a rack display.  Web retailers will get a small, easy-to-store package, ready for shipping.
Here is the info card … let me know your thoughts:
Dicey Curves Retailer Info Card

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  1. Carl Klutzke

    It seems to me that including a picture of a car on the outside front might help a casual shopper understand that this is a car racing game. That could make the difference as to whether or not they open the tag.

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