Thankfulness (2011)

Worden Family Hiking{Warning: this post is a link-o-rama of linkage … do not sue if you get a sore mouse finger from clicking on them all …}

I’ve recently had a number of reasons lately to review the past couple of years … especially the events around Jump Gate, from the original idea, through the early development, the final polishing, the GAMES Magazine honors, and Schmidt Spiele’s Space Mission.

More recently, throw in the nice response to Dicey Curves, and the very cool people I’ve met in the process of getting that game out and reviewed.  People I’ve met face-to-face, or viaTwitterand e-mail.

Finally, back it all up with the unstoppable support I get from my great family and awesome friends.  Everyone has really helped me and my wife and kids through a pretty tough year.

And to everyone who follows me here on this blog or via Twitter:  Thanks!!

I have a lot to be thankful for, and I try to make sure I take the time to acknowledge that every day. 🙂

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