Selling Jump Gate in St. Boni on Saturday

St. Boni Unique Holiday Boutique 2011This Saturday (December 3, 2011), from 9am until 3pm, I will be selling Jump Gate as a vendor at the St. Boni Unique Holiday Boutique, located at the Choice School in St. Bonifacius.  {click the image to the left for a big version of the flyer}

For those needing specific directions, it’s located at 8101 Wildwood Avenue, St. Bonifacius, MN.

This will be the second time I’m selling at a holiday boutique this year.  It’s always a good time and fun to see the other vendors and their wares.

I’d love to have board gamers show up, even if it’s just to say “hi” during a pause in finalizing your gift list from the 40-some other vendors on display.

Of course, if you were interested in a copy of Jump Gate, I’ll be selling the “Friends & Family” release of the 2nd edition, which contains the extra spaceship art.  And, if you’d like me to, I’d be happy to personalize a copy with a message inside the box for whoever you’re getting the game for.

As an extra little at-the-event bonus, I’ll also have some copies of Dicey Curves available and I’ll be able to show off a copy of Space Mission (although that one’s not for sale). 😉

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