Space Mission: My ‘Mostly Harmless’ Game

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Space Mission at EssenScott Nicholson — a familiar face to folks who spend any time at, and the man behind “Board Games with Scott” — did a few dozen quick reviews of games being played at BGG’s big convention in Dallas a couple weeks ago.

In one of these ambush-style interview, he talks with some folks playing Space Mission.

While I won’t comment on Scott’s fun-but-condescending tone (or did I just?), I thought the gentleman being interviewed seemed rather positive about game, which is targeted at Schmidt Spiele’s prime market — German family gamers.  I’m pretty sure the game (especially with the Black Hole removed) will be too light for most BGG-type gamers.  But I think it works very well as a gateway game.

In any case, Scott sums it up with the not-completely-negative phrase: “Mostly Harmless”.

Ah, pride. 🙂

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