First Dicey Curves Expansion — DANGER! — in February

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Dicey Curves DANGER! Expansion Card BackWhen I first launched Dicey Curves, I intended it to be the “base game” that could work as a light party-game style filler, highlighting the main dice-combo and movement mechanics.  There are 2 expansions planned to add-on to the game and make it more and more of a “gamers’ game”.

The first one will be out in February, in time for Con of the North, and will be called “DANGER!” (or, “The Danger Expansion”, or “Dicey Curves: Danger!”, or “Dangerous Curves” … pick your favorite nick name ;)).

It will add-in a new deck of “Danger” cards that will be a collection of track-modifiers, play-modifiers, “immediates”, damagers, and defenses.  It will also add-in the concepts of car damage (and ways to fix it) and side bets.

All-in-all, it will greatly increase the player interaction and reduce downtime when it’s not your turn. 🙂

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