St. Boni Boutique Recap

Anna & Santa
Anna Makes a New Friend by Giving a Gift

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I signed-up to sell games at the “Unique Boutique” in St. Boni this past Saturday.  Outside of having done a smaller in-home boutique in our neighborhood a couple of weeks ago, the only other time I setup to sell games has been at gaming events, such as Con of the North.

I really enjoyed myself, met a lot of very nice people, had a great time hanging out with my daughter, and even sold a few games in the process.

One of the things that Anna and I were able to do, was to get a handful of games of Dicey Curves in.

Anna's Dice
Anna can bend dice to her will

She’s a very good player and really gets into forming her combos and “pre-playing” what her options might be.  And she talks a little smack too.  (I blame her mother.) 😉

At times, she is able to really work the dice … look at her natural (no control chips used) set of six 3’s, plus a couple of bookends to make things work out nicely on the track.  She used them all on a single car (we each controlling 2 cars in that game) to jump out to a commanding lead.

A Straight Start
Starting on the Straight and not-so-Narrow

What was interesting about that game, is that it started with 7 “gateless” cards — all “Straight-Away” or “Wide Open!” cards.  I’ve played a game a lot and have never seen that sort of open.  I was pretty glad we were playing 2 cars each, or there would not have been need to do much thinking — it would have been all up to the dice.

And, as you may expect, with a limited deck of cards, the curves came calling shortly

Bunch of Curves
Red Pulls Away from the Pack before a Bunch of Curves

thereafter … and they bunched up the gates.  You can see Anna’s red car way out in front of the rest, thanks to that 3-enriched roll from earlier.

I do love it when the curves bunch up: it brings the use of Control Chips to the fore.  I was even able to use a rare “Turbo Pass” to jump past her purple car that was holding up the show behind a 3-gate.  In the end, she took that game, even though the late mid-game was played by her little brother while she grabbed a lunch break.

Notes on the Dicey Curves: Danger! Expansion
Danger(ous) Notes ...

The other thing I was able to do was to further refine the up-coming “Danger!” expansion for the game.  Anna helped me rename some of the special cards that will be in the Danger Deck.  And I talked her through what I expect to have in the 2nd expansion, due out in August … she got pretty excited about those ideas.

Also got to talk with quite a few people who were a little surprised (but happy) to see a board game table at a holiday boutique.  Gave out a fair number of business cards and sold some games.  So, all-in-all, a nice day hanging out with my kid in a cheerful holiday environment. 🙂

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