Dicey Curves DANGER! – Track Modifier Cards

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Dicey Curves DANGER! Expansion Card BackIn addition to the final touches on Subtilla, I’ve been working on the graphic design of the cards in the up-coming Dicey Curves, expansion that I will launch in February.

First up have been the five track modifier cards, pictured below.  Minor Debris and Major Debris add a little hurdle for cars to get over when travelling between two track cards … they can either add an extra die or two to the Combo used to move across that location, or they can take some Damage.  Lane Closed shuts down one of the lanes on a Straight-Away or Wide-Open! track card.  Repair Shop will give players a way to get rid of all of their damage (although this may delay them a bit).  And, Dangerous Curve will increase the Gates on a curve track card by one (or the player can take Damage instead or using an extra die).

Next up will be the “messin’ with the dice” cards, the “instant damage/repair” cards, and one card that stands alone in its own category … I’ll probably need a whole post to describe that last one by itself.

Here’s how the track modifier cards look so far (close to final, although there may need to be some tweaks yet) … click for a bigger image:

Dicey Curves DANGER! - Track Modifier Cards

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