Planning for Con of the North 2012

"Jump Gate" Table at Con of the NorthI will be attending Con of the North for the second year in a row as a vendor, and I’m starting to get my plans together for what I’ll be doing there in my space.  The event runs mid-day Friday, February 17, through Sunday, February 19.  I plan to be there from Friday afternoon through early afternoon on Sunday.

Instead of just sitting behind the supplied table like I did last year, my plan is to push that table against the wall and add my own 2×4 foot table in a T or L shape.  The table against the wall will be used for product displays, signage, etc.  The smaller table will be used for game-playing and demoing.

Games I plan to have for sale:

  • Second Edition Box with the 7 spaceship cards available in the Friends & Family release
    Second Edition Box with the 7 spaceship cards available in the Friends & Family release

    Jump Gate – $20 for the Friends & Family release of my self-produced 2nd edition.  It has the extra spaceship artwork in it as well.

  • Dicey Curves – $15 for the base game in a green velvet bag.
  • Subtilla – $30 for the TGC-produced game.

Games I plan to be demoing at the table, in addition to the 3 for-sale games:

  • Space Mission – Schmidt Spiele’s European family-market take on Jump Gate.  It plays slightly differently due to the lack of the Black Hole and special actions, and the switch to fully-hidden resources.
  • Dicey Curves: DANGER! ExpansionI’ve written about this one a bit, and expect to have it out on before the end of the month.  I expect to give this one a number of turns on the demo table at CotN.
  • Top-Secret Prototypes and Older Games – I have a number of older games that I still like to take out for a spin now and then.  Most likely to see this would be Castle Danger, DareBase, and Siege by Number.  I also will have a few not-ready-for-primetime prototypes along with me, and may even get a chance to pull one or more of them out if there are interested folks around for that sort of thing.

There will be some help in the booth with me most of the time.  My wife, Britt, and daughter, Anna, will be taking up some shifts, and our good friend, Whitney Watts, who helped out last year should also be returning for some of the time.

I’m really looking forward to the event … please stop in and say hi! 🙂

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